Liechtenstein Battling EU Pressure to Legalize Abortion

International   |   Joannes Bucher   |   Sep 13, 2011   |   5:20PM   |   Liechtenstein

This week the Principality of Liechtenstein will decide by national referendum whether to ratify a draft bill which would lead to the depenalization of abortion in the tiny Middle-European country.

In order to understand the immense pressure that is being exerted on the tiny Principality of Liechtenstein, it is important to keep in mind the background of the country. Along with Poland and Ireland, Liechtenstein belongs to the small number of European countries where abortion is not a “right,” but a criminal offense. Abortions are generally not allowed, even when the abortion is performed outside the country. Furthermore, government departments and offices are obligated to report any abortions of which they have knowledge. Only when the life of the mother is endangered and no other option remains, is a termination of a pregnancy allowed.

Despite all propaganda to the contrary, the evidence is mounting that the European Union has become an apparatus of attack on the right to life. The EU does not simply disregard this most basic of rights, but seeks to eliminate the right to life.

“I might understand that you’re not ready for me yet. But think twice, and put me up for adoption. Let me live!”

Earlier this year, when the center-right party of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban began a campaign of pro-adoption posters, partly financed by EU funds, European Commissioner Viviane Reding opposed the measure as an advertisement against abortion. In expressing her disapproval, Mrs. Reding said, “The member states of the European Union are not allowed to use EU-funds for advertising against abortion.”

The Hungarian posters did not promote abortion but rather sought to make a case for adoptions. In Mrs. Reding’s words: “The European Commission, therefore, has requested that Budapest remove the posters, if it does not want to run the risk of a penalty.”

French Socialist MEP Sylvie Guillaume said about the same campaign that it was “incompatible with EU values.”

“Using EU money from the Progress programme or any other EU source to promote an anti-abortion campaign is an abuse and is incompatible with EU values,” said Guillaume.

We can be certain that when it comes to a country using EU funds to promote anti-life projects, the money will flow, but a member state that attempts to employ EU funds to promote the right to life in its own country is not in line with the EU agenda, and is committing a grave and punishable offense.

Yesterday I had something to say; Today I have more to say; Tomorrow still more…; And my mom is the best listener!; Abortion kills: Mom and me.

On September 18, a public referendum will decide on whether the protection of life will remain the law of the land. A new parliamentary bill proposes to introduce abortion on demand, whereby abortion would be allowed up until the 12th week of pregnancy and until birth in cases of a disabled unborn child.

Prince Alois of Liechtenstein declared his opposition to the bill in a speech given on August 15, 2011, and vowed to veto the bill should its support reach a majority in the referendum.

Prince Alois’ spokeswoman, Silvia Hassler-De Vos, recently told The Associated Press that the prince “wanted to send a clear signal that abortion isn’t an acceptable solution for an unwanted pregnancy.”

Several pro-life organizations have organized to support Liechtenstein and their head of state Prince Alois in the fight for life including, Human Life International (HLI), HLI Helpers Europe, Jugend für das Leben (Youth for Life), and the German organization Embryonenoffensive. Flyers have been mailed by post to all households in Liechtenstein imploring them to choose life in the impending referendum, and thereby choose the best for mother and child. This effort has been accompanied by corresponding posters hung throughout Liechtenstein. The message to the people of Liechtenstein is this: “Abortion kills the child and harms the mother. Therefore: choose life!”

Liechtenstein is a very small country, but this small country has so far defied the pressure of the EU. Liechtenstein is pro-life. Let’s help to keep it that way. Note:  Reprinted with permission from Human Life International’s World Watch forum.