Wisconsin: Pro-Abortion Tammy Baldwin Joins Senate Race

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 6, 2011   |   6:34PM   |   Madison, WI

Pro-abortion Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin (D) officially announced today she is running for the open Senate seat in Wisconsin being vacated next year by retiring Democrat Herb Kohl.

Many liberals and political pundits are already touting the historic nature of her candidacy as potentially the first openly gay US Senator. However, personal life aside, Tammy Baldwin represents more of the same for Wisconsin. Both retiring Senator Kohl and Congresswoman Baldwin maintain 0% ratings from the National Right to Life Committee, indicating they have never cast a pro-life vote.

Baldwin voted in favor of taxpayer funding of abortion and embryonic stem cell research, in favor of the pro-abortion Obama healthcare law and against recognizing unborn children as additional victims when a violent crimes is committed against a pregnant mother. Perhaps most horrifyingly, Baldwin voted to continue the gruesome practice of partial-birth abortion.

Baldwin is the clear Democratic favorite for the nomination. However, her announcement puts the pressure on Congressman Ron Kind (D) and former Congressman Steve Kagen, who are also reportedly mulling bids. Unfortunately, both Kind and Kagen share Baldwin’s pro-abortion views.

Baldwin’s bid has earned the glowing endorsement of EMILY’s List, the group that elects pro-abortion Democratic women to Congress. Baldwin received the EMILY’s List endorsement in the past and her radical abortion views qualify her for their highest level of support.

Pro-life former Congressman Mark Neumann (R) announced last week he would seek the Republican nomination. EMILY’s List swiftly published a blog post entitled “Top 5 Reasons We Should Be Afraid of Mark Neumann as a Senator.” Abortion advocates are incredibly nervous Kohl’s seat may fall into Republican hands in 2012. In 2010, Republicans made huge gains in Wisconsin and in 2011, Republicans were able to stave off Democratic attempts to retake control of their State Senate through recall elections. Looking to further continue the conservative momentum in the traditionally blue state, Neumann wasted no time assailing Baldwin’s voting record, noting she tied for the National Journal’s ranking for the most liberal member of Congress.

If successful, a Republican victory in 2012 would mark a consecutive major upset in a Senate race in Wisconsin. In 2010, pro-life Republican Ron Johnson unseated pro-abortion incumbent Russ Feingold. With Senate control up for grabs in 2012, Wisconsin may prove to be a key state in the equation.

Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald (R) who is also considering a Senate run described Baldwin as “the epitome of what’s wrong in Washington right now.”

Former Governor Tommy Thompson, state Senator Frank Lasee and former state Senator Ted Kanavas are also weighing whether or not to enter the race.