New Video Features Planned Parenthood Director Who Quit

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 2, 2011   |   1:07PM   |   Washington, DC

The coordinators of the 40 Days for Life campaign have released a new video featuring Ramona Trevino, who resigned her post at Planned Parenthood as a manager of an abortion-referral center earlier this year.

Her decision made her the second Texas-based Planned Parenthood staffer to call it quits, following Abby Johnson, and it comes before two other abortion facility staffers quit — something Johnson announced yesterday.

Shawn Carney, the Campaign Director for 40 Days for Life, talked about Ramona in an email announcing the new video.

“Last week I shared the great news about a Planned Parenthood facility in Sherman, Texas, closing after the first local 40 Days for Life was held outside its doors,” he said. “The closure was a direct result of the conversion and resignation of the manager of the facility (for which she credits 40 Days for Life) — and the 40 Days for Life prayer presence outside that drastically reduced the organization’s customer traffic.”

“The abortion organization even admitted to media outlets that the closure was due to “lack of business.” (It also helped when the Texas legislature voted to strip Planned Parenthood of $34+ MILLION in taxpayer funding so it couldn’t rebound from the lack of business.),” Carney continued. “On Sunday, 40 Days for Life national director David Bereit was in Sherman for the celebration rally outside the closed Planned Parenthood office in 111-degree heat — and was joined by the center’s former manager, Ramona Trevino, who spoke to the 40 Days for Life participants.”

“Her talk was amazing and media outlets from the Houston Chronicle to the Dallas Observer have since been buzzing with the news,” he said.

Carney said the abortion giant has already tried to intimidate Trevino, as it attempted to do Johnson.

“After Ramona started speaking out about her conversion, she received a letter from Planned Parenthood seemingly meant to  intimidate her into silence. As you watch her video, please post a comment to encourage Ramona and assure her of your prayers,’ he says.

Prevously, Trevino said that, even though the Planned Parenthood clinic she managed did not perform surgical abortions, she was struggling “with [her] conscience . . . on contraception, abortion and [her] role in it all.” The facility where she worked closed last month after Texas legislators and Governor Rick Perry signed off on legislation revoking tens of millions in state taxpayer funds from Planned Parenthood.

Recently, she talked

with the Houston Chronicle recently about the three years she spent working for Planned Parenthood, saying that, as a 34-year-old mother and Catholic, she had a change of heart on pro-life issues. As her teenage daughter got older, Trevino said she found it increasingly difficult to provide birth control and contraception to women with multiple sexual partners.

“You send them away with a birth control script, but is that really going to help the problem?” she said.

Now, Trevino is a spokeswoman for 40 Days for Life in Dallas where she told the newspaper she wants to reach out to help women who have had abortions.

“I know that as long as abortion is legal, women are going to continue to choose that option,” she said. “Our job as Christians is not to judge that decision, but to help them heal from it.”

Trevino said she was inspired by Johnson, who directed a Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Bryan, Texas, and has become a celebrity within the pro-life movement for leaving the abortion industry and now working full-time to expose and stop it.

“I identified with her, and I felt her desire to help women. That’s why we both started working at Planned Parenthood in the first place,” Trevino told the Chronicle.

She told the newspaper that she is “absolutely” sure there are more Planned Parenthood and abortion facility workers like her and Johnson who are working despite qualms they have with abortion. As Johnson explained recently, they are the linchpin to stopping abortions — as persuading them to stop working for the abortion giant will make it more difficult for Planned Parenthood to operate.

She explained that the proof to that is in the lawsuit the Bryan, Texas Planned Parenthood abortion business filed against her seeking to silence her from revealing the secrets behind Planned Parenthood after she left the abortion business. Johnson ultimately won the lawsuit and is able to share information about her experiences and insight into Planned Parenthood operations.