Mom Uses Abortion to Hide Rape of Mentally Disabled Daughter

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 29, 2011   |   3:29PM   |   Houston, TX

A Houston, Texas mother stands accused of taking her adopted mentally disabled daughter to Ohio to get an abortion in an effort to conceal the fact that her son raped her daughter.

According to a KTRK-TV report, Cynthia Greenwood, 50 faces charges of tampering and fabricating evidence because she took her daughter for the abortion after police began investigating the alleged rape. Officials tell the ABC television station that they believe Greenwood took her mentally disabled girls to Cleveland, Ohio for the abortion in an effort to conceal DNA evidence that could have otherwise been obtained to prove the rape charges.

Court documents KTRK obtained say Greenwood told her daughter she would undergo a medical procedure “so it wouldn’t hurt when the baby came out.”  Although the report does not indicate where Greenwood took her daughter, but Ohio Planned Parenthood there has a history of not informing the authorities about cases of sexual abuse and statutory rape of young girls.

Isaac Greenwood, 19, is reportedly the father of the baby. He is Cynthia green’s biological son and is suspected of raping the unnamed daughter, who is 13 now and was 12-years-old at the time of the rape. Officials say she told her father about what happened and she is now in foster care.

Cynthia Greenwood had no commented after a court appearance on Monday morning and Isaac Greenwood faces three counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child. He was charged in April and is out on bail pending a September 7 court appearance.

The case is yet another showing abortion centers preying on young girls who are victims of statutory rape or sexual abuse. It is also just the latest from Ohio — which has seen two other cases of abortions used to cover up statutory rape.

As LifeNews reported in July, a young teenage girl who was recently found after spending more than a year as a sex trafficking victim is an example of the kind of concerns pro-life advocates presented earlier this year about Planned Parenthood. The girl became entangled in a snare of a Cleveland, Ohio couple running a sex trafficking ring and she eventually found herself pregnant as a result. Once pregnant, the perpetrators took the young girl to Detroit, Michigan for an abortion and made a fake ID for her to allow her to escape the state’s parental involvement law on abortion.

Both cases sound very much like the problems Live Action uncovered in an undercover sting operation at multiple Planned Parenthood abortion centers earlier this year where video footage showed staff at the abortion centers helping alleged sex traffickers obtain abortions for underage girls.

The footage showed three centers in southern Virginia, a Perth Amboy, New Jersey abortion business and a Planned Parenthood center in Richmond, Virginia all having staffers helping the alleged sex traffickers find information on how to obtain abortions without facing scrutiny and get STD testing for the girls.

A Planned Parenthood staffer in New Jersey has already been fired, New Jersey officials are looking into a shoddy abortion center Planned Parenthood referred to in its video, and the Virginia attorney general has received the full footage of the Richmond Planned Parenthood expose’. All three of the new videos clearly show staff willing to aid and abet the sexual trafficking and exploitation of minors and young women and the videos, Lila Rose of Live Action says, provide more evidence of a clear, disturbing pattern of gross misconduct by Planned Parenthood.

The videos have a Roanoke, Virginia abortion facility staffer suggesting the sex trafficker consider going to the health department instead of taking the girls he is victimizing to the Planned Parenthood — because it would be easier to hide the illegal activity.

“They’re discreet. They’re confidential. They, you know, don’t tell people what’s going on, because — frankly — it’s nobody’s business,” the female Planned Parenthood staff person is shown saying on the video. “And the thing is, see this is the thing a lot of people don’t know that. . .Right, through the Health Department.”

Rose, commenting on the videos earlier this year, said, “The only acceptable response to encountering a self-identified sex-trafficker of underage girls is zero tolerance. The only ‘professional’ response is to immediately call law enforcement to the scene and push for an arrest. Our investigation – and  their response – continues to show that an institutional crisis has engulfed the highest levels of Planned Parenthood. If you’re a sex-trafficker of minors or young women, you have a partner in Planned Parenthood. But if you are a minor or a young woman, you are not safe at Planned Parenthood clinics.”