Billboard: African-Americans Leaders Betrayed Blacks on Abortion

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 16, 2011   |   12:01PM   |   Atlanta, GA

Another new campaign produced by black pro-life advocates says African-American political leaders have betrayed the black community with their support for abortion, which has destroyed millions of black Americans.

Catherine Davis, founder of the Restoration Project, has joined with other pro-life African-Americans to launch a new billboard today in downtown Atlanta. The “Betrayed” billboard calls attention to the pro-abortion views of many African-American leaders. The billboard is posted on the corner of Spring and Marietta Streets and is linked to

“Something is wrong,” Davis says, “when those elected to protect the interests of their constituents turn a blind eye to the horrific impact that abortion is wreaking on the black community. In New York City, for every 1,000 black babies born alive, 1,489 are aborted. In Washington, D.C. for every 100 black babies born alive, 165 are aborted. Something is wrong.”

Davis was instrumental in implementing another successful billboard awareness campaign in collaboration with Ryan Bomberger of the radiance Foundation and Georgia Right to Life.

Day Gardner of the National Black Prolife Union is also on board with the new project and asks: “Can’t we at least ask the hard questions about these numbers?”

“Pro-abortion groups cry racism when black pro-life leaders point out the depopulation effect of abortion,” she lamented. “I say yes racism is a factor, not on the part of pro-lifers, but on the part of those who want us to continually stream into the clinics to kill our children. All black leaders should help stop it or stay home.”

Star Parker from CURE is a member of the black pro-life coalition of leaders sponsoring the billboard.

“When you look at the data on what is occurring in our urban communities, you find that one out of every two and a half pregnancies is being terminated,” the nationally syndicated pro-life columnist says. “It is imperative that our leaders examine what we know is the targeting of black women and children. We don’t need to wait until it is too late like we did with the Tuskegee study, later looking back to ask why somebody didn’t do something.”

Dr. Alveda King of Priests for Life, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., chimed in as well and said:  “It’s outrageous that Margaret Sanger’s Negro Project to control the birth rate of Blacks is alive and thriving today because so many black leaders have sold their constituents the lie that abortion is the key to emancipating African-American women. Abortion kills babies and hurts women and families. These pro-abortion voices are not the voices of Black America.”

Connie Eller of Missouri Blacks for Life supports the billboard and noted that the Planned Parenthood abortion business, in 2008, “acknowledged their mission is to achieve a ‘US population of stable size.’ What that means to black people is they will continue to prey upon black women and children. We say no more, no way.”

DeHaviland Ford of the 818 The Sign movement, supports the new billboard as well, and concluded, “For thirty-nine years the abortionists have preyed upon black women and children, sometimes not only taking the lives of our babies, but the lives of women as well. We are falling to our knees all across America asking for divine intervention. At the same time we are calling on our leaders to take action against the predatory acts of abortionists.”