Catholics for Ron Paul Effort Supports His Pro-Life Stance

Politics   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 29, 2011   |   4:52PM   |   Washington, DC

Congressman Ron Paul’s presidential campaign announced today a new effort oriented towards gaining the support of catholic Republicans in his bid for the GOP nomination to face pro-abortion President Barack Obama.

Paul has been organized both nationally and in leading primary and caucus states like Iowa and New Hampshire and his pro-life views on abortion go along with his fiscally conservative views to attract a core following of supporters. His backers hope to add to it with Catholic voters by emphasizing his longstanding pro-life voting record and views as a physician who is pro-life.

The coalition aims to recruit national political, community and opinion leaders who identify both as Catholics and Ron Paul supporters.

“To a devout Catholic, or any person of faith, the fact that Ron Paul’s political positions are unwavering is appealing and admirable,” said Matt DeVries, who serves on the “Catholics for Ron Paul” national advisory board.

“Dr. Paul’s record on the sanctity of life cannot be questioned. I appreciate that he offers pro-life advocates new ways of thinking on this important issue, such as through affirming states’ rights,” DeVries, who serves as a Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus Council 10282 out of All Saints Catholic Church in Des Moines, continued. DeVries is also a Ron Paul campaign co-chairman for Iowa’s 3rd congressional district.

Meanwhile, Story County GOP Chairman Cory Adams, who endorsed Ron Paul for the Republican nomination earlier in the week, also serves on the “Catholics for Ron Paul” national advisory board.

“I support Ron Paul because of his strong pro-life stance. He believes that life begins at conception and has pledged to veto any budget that funds Planned Parenthood or any other abortion services. His views on life and abortion both line up completely with the teachings and positions of the Catholic Church,” Adams said.

A.J. Spiker, a third Catholics for Ron Paul national advisory board member, a Republican Party of Iowa Central Committee member, and Vice Chairman of the Ron Paul presidential campaign in Iowa, chimed in as well. He said, “Ron Paul has committed to vetoing any spending bill that funds Planned Parenthood, facilities that perform abortion or family planning schemes. This is exactly what Catholics expect from our next president. America needs Ron Paul in the White House.”

Cory Adams and A.J. Spiker both are parishioners of St. Cecilia Church in Ames.

Paul is one of several pro-life advocates seeking the Republican presidential nomination — including Michele Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty from Minnesota, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is campaigning on a pro-life position, and Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Jon Huntsman, Buddy Roemer, and Thaddeus McCotter are also pro-life advocates running against Paul for the nomination. Other pro-life advocates like Rick Perry and Sarah Palin may join them.

Paul recently signed the pro-life pledge sponsored by the Susan B. Anthony List along with Pawlenty, Bachmann, Santorum, and Gingrich. Romney, Huntsman and Cain chose not to sign the pledge but released statements emphasizing their pro-life views.