Abortion Done After New Obama-Supported Law Injures Teen Girl

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 28, 2011   |   4:55PM   |   Nairobi, Kenya

An abortion done following the implementation of a new constitution allowing abortion in Kenya has a young teenage schoolgirl clinging to life, according to reports from Kenyan media.

The Obama administration spent tens of millions financing groups participating in the Yes campaign supporting the draft constitution essentially legalizing virtually all abortions that Kenyans approved in August 2010. Some of the groups have long advocated legalized abortion in Kenya.

According to All Africa, a 16-year-old teenage is now fighting for her life after an abortion at a government-run hospital in Mariakani that left her with complications. The girl apparently was impregnated by a classmate and sought the abortion after advice from friends.

Following the abortion procedure, All Africa indicates the girl started bleeding profusely on Saturday night and medical officials say there is a risk the abortion may have left the young girl infertile because of cervical incompetence and the potential for it to cause a miscarriage in a future pregnancy.

While the girl fights for her life, the web site notes the teen who got her pregnant is still in school and the school has been attempting to contact the parents. The two teens met through a special school program for students in Class 7 and 8.

“The program began this year. I am currently stranded because I have called both the boy’s and girl’s parents for a chat but they haven’t responded,” the headmistress told All Africa.

Both the Obama administration and United States Ambassador to Kenya Michael Ranneberger were accused of endorsing the pro-abortion constitution in violation of the Siljander amendment, a law making it so the United States is not allowed to lobby for or against abortion in other nations.

Congressman Chris Smith, a pro-life New Jersey Republican who has taken the lead in monitoring the Obama administration vis-a-vis the Kenya constitution efforts, says a report late last year “did find evidence that USAID” had spent taxpayers funds to “achieve a yes vote”—which in and of itself, according to Smith, was illegal because the Kenyan constitution alters abortion policy.

Smith told LifeNews.com one recipient of taxpayer funds, the Federation of Woman Lawyers Kenya (FIDA-Kenya), is among the most active pro-abortion organizations in the country. According to numerous press accounts FIDA-Kenya helped draft and lobby for the Reproductive Health and Rights Bill of 2008 in the Kenyan Parliament which sought to legalize abortion. That legislation failed.

FIDA-Kenya got over $85,000 from the U.S. government to engage in the constitution rewrite.