Applaud Teens and Students for Resisting Abortion Pressure

Opinion   |   Luis Zaffirini   |   Jul 26, 2011   |   12:35PM   |   Washington, DC

Earlier today I read a pro-abortion letter to the editor that appeared in a university newspaper in which the author argued that abortion is necessary because some young women are too immature to bear a child. In fact, the author of the letter says that these young pregnant women ought to be commended for choosing to abort their children since it is a “responsible decision.”  Apparently you can be too immature to allow a human life to continue, but responsible enough to end it prematurely.

The author of the letter also worried that the presence of a new pregnancy resource center on her campus would convince more mothers not to abort. What drives people to be concerned there are people out there who actually offer encouragement and support to frightened mothers facing untimely pregnancies?  Is it better to teach these supposedly immature young women that basic human rights are relative? Because if the NY Times and Planned Parenthood can convince her that vulnerable, unborn human life is expendable, they will have accomplished just that.

On Monday, the Sunday New York Times ran an editorial in support of a New York City law requiring Crisis Pregnancy Centers to advertise that they do not offer abortions or abortion referrals. (A federal judge recently barred the city from enforcing the law.) The editorial writer’s rationale is the same as the author of the letter to the editor: irrational fear that women are being offered help when they need it most. (The irony is that CPCs give women the very “choice” that pro-abortionists insist they believe in.) The Times would much prefer that these women be sent to Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the United States.

When PPFA is defending itself, the organization likes to present itself as not just an abortion provider. Okay, let’s limit ourselves to the services that would have involved pregnant women (abortion, prenatal care, adoption referrals). From  PPFA’s own reports we know that of 97.6% were abortion. Put another way, in 2009 abortions outnumbered adoption referrals at Planned Parenthood by a margin of 340 to 1.

And who could blame them?  Abortion is Big Business. At $451 (the Guttmacher Institute’s estimated average cost for a standard first-trimester surgical abortion), the 332,278 abortions Planned Parenthood performed in 2009 would represent $149.9 million—37% of the $404.9 million in clinic revenues PPFA took in for the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2009.

You can read more about that off of NRLC’s fact sheet about Planned Parenthood and Money.

This all reminds me of a very close friend of mine who recently became pregnant. She is young, unmarried, still living at home with her parents, and brave enough to tell people to their faces that aborting her unborn child was never an option. And the sick part is that she’s had to repeat her unwillingness to abort several times, at times even to casual acquaintances who suggest she “terminate her pregnancy” before they even know how she feels about being a new mother.

I am glad there are pro-life people out there like the ones running that campus crisis pregnancy center.  They are good people, people who confront the vulnerabilities of human life with compassion and life-affirming options rather than the pessimistic and violent “choice” of abortion.  These are pro-life people.