Saint Luke’s Foundation Gives $120K to Ohio Planned Parenthood

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 21, 2011   |   12:23PM   |   Cleveland, OH

A foundation based in Cleveland, Ohio has decided to make a grant to the Planned Parenthood abortion business — to the tune of $120,000 — despite the fact that Ohio Planned Parenthood centers have ignored cases of sexual abuse of minors.

The Board of Trustees of the Saint Luke’s Foundation approved second quarter grants for 2011, with 11 organizations receiving a total of $975,000 to, what the foundation says, “continue providing vital human services and to support work that is shaping the region’s future.”

Denise San Antonio Zeman, President and CEO of Saint Luke’s Foundation says the grant recipients provide “direct services like medical care and emergency food assistance,” shape “the way the region creates jobs or supports children” and they play “a key role in enhancing the quality of life of our residents.”

“We believe these grantees are best positioned to tackle our community’s most complex challenges,” said LaTida Smith, Senior Program Officer for Community Grants at the Foundation. “We look forward to partnering with these grantees, now and in the future, as they work to have a lasting, positive impact on our region.”

While the kind words aptly apply to other recipients like the Cleveland Foodbank, the Adoption Network Cleveland, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Cleveland, Saint Luke’s Foundation ironically approved $120,000 for Planned Parenthood of Northeast Ohio to implement a “Putting Teens First” program that increases access to the “services” the abortion business provides in Cleveland and the surrounding area.

However, Planned Parenthood abortion centers in Ohio have a history of putting teens last when it comes to their well-being and protecting them from sexual predators.

A Cincinnati, Ohio Planned Parenthood escaped charges in 2005 in connection with a secret abortion it performed on a 14-year old girl who was a victim of rape. The girls’ parents filed a lawsuit against the abortion facility for violating the state’s parental notification law by not telling them of her abortion, which may have been coerced. The parents of the 14 year old girl say her boyfriend pressured her into having the abortion and they claim he posed as her stepbrother at the Planned Parenthood abortion business and paid for it.

Any sexual relations with a young teenager are considered rape under Ohio law if the perpetrator is 18 or older. Statutes in Ohio also require reporting any suspected cases of statutory rape to law enforcement. The boyfriend was eventually prosecuted for statutory rape after officials received a tip from a friend of the girl. He is now serving three years in prison for the crime.

In April, a lawsuit the family brought against Planned Parenthood was settled and Alliance Defense Fund attorney Brian Hurley, who represented the parents of the girl, commented on the case.

“The health and safety of young girls is far more important than Planned Parenthood’s desire to make money on an abortion,” said ADF Senior Counsel Steven H. Aden. “This lawsuit was yet another clear demonstration of Planned Parenthood’s ongoing effort to put its profit margin ahead of the true needs of young women. If they truly cared about the girls who enter their doors, they would not be ignoring Ohio law and allowing statutory rape to occur so they can make money killing a baby. They also wouldn’t be trying so desperately to keep all of their records secret.”

In December 2010, the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas determined that Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio Region violated state law when it failed to meet with the 14-year-old girl at least 24 hours prior to giving her the abortion. Following this, a psychologist found that the abortion had caused her to suffer significant psychological harm, including post-traumatic stress disorder. The case was “resolved and dismissed” shortly thereafter.

The Ohio Department of Health shows 274 abortions on girls under the age of 15 in 2003.

Saint Luke’s Foundation of Cleveland describes itself as “a community-based private foundation that collaborates with nonprofit organizations and community leaders to address relevant issues and offer sustainable solutions in Greater Cleveland.”

Cleveland-area residents who want to complain about the grants have a chance to do so in person — as the foundation is holding a public meeting on Wednesday, August 17. Click here to register to attend and complain.

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