Free Plastic Surgery With Abortion? Gimmick Used in Miami

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 15, 2011   |   11:18AM   |   Miami, FL

Abortion businesses in Miami, Florida are reportedly using a new gimmick to lure minority women to abortion centers there to destroy the lives of their unborn children — but a leading pregnancy center organization is fighting back to help them.

Margaret Hartshorn, Ph.D., the president of Heartbeat International related the controversial new information in an email received. She also says the abortion businesses are preying on women without financial means by putting them into high-interest payment plans for the abortions.

“Abortionists are now using gimmicks like “free plastic surgery with your abortion” to seduce women into their clinics,” he explains. “These predators seek to lure newly immigrated women from Cuba and South America by offering abortions up to 24 weeks for $120.”

“When a woman comes in for the abortion, she is presented with a payment plan and costly interest rates for a total cost that far exceeds the original price,” Hartshorn adds.

The gimmick is similar to one used in Orlando Florida by an abortion business there that took couponing to a new, sick level by offering two coupons related to purchasing abortions. One coupon has the Orlando clinic, one of a chain of abortion centers All Women’s operates throughout Florida, giving women a “Free Pap Smear” with the purchase of an abortion at both the Orlando and Tampa, Florida locations. The offer is “not valid without web coupon being presented to receptionist at time of abortion” and each abortion patient may only use one coupon — meaning the approximately 40 percent of women obtaining repeat abortions may not receive a second free pap smear.

All Women’s has a second coupon with a “Limited Time Offering” of $125.00 off or purchase of the abortion drug RU 486 (mifepristone). All Women’s advertises a typical fee of $350 for an abortion, meaning customers will receive approximately 35% off of the typical abortion cost.

Despite the Miami gimmick, Hartshorn says Heartbeat International, a national network of pregnancy centers that provide no-cost support for pregnant women considering an abortion or unsure about an unplanned pregnancy, is looking to add a third center in Miami to combat these deceptive abortion sales methods.

“When Heartbeat International showed up in Miami less than four years ago there were 37 abortion clinics and zero ultrasound-equipped pregnancy help centers in operation,” she explains. “We saw a great need for the gospel of life in Miami. Now, 4 years and over 15,000 clients later, Heartbeat of Miami is saving lives every day.”

“Heartbeat of Miami is taking more ground with plans to open a third clinic in Little Havana. But Planned Parenthood and other abortion businesses will not give up Miami easily,” she said.

Hartshorn described the story of one woman lured by the tactics, who eventually chose life for her unborn child.

“Jessica was offered a $120 abortion. She was 22 years old, a college student with a loving family, a committed boyfriend, and a bright future. Now she was pregnant. Fearful of losing her boyfriend and jeopardizing her future plans, Jessica scheduled an abortion appointment. But her mother had no peace about Jessica’s decision to abort. Jessica’s mother and aunt urged her to visit Heartbeat of Miami,” she related. “Jessica was 8 weeks pregnant. She saw the image of her beautiful baby leaping in her womb and then the sound of the baby’s heartbeat filled the room. In tears, Jessica told her mom, “I cannot do this mom. I cannot kill my baby.” Leslie, the ultrasound technician, answered, “No one is going to kill your baby here Jessica. Your family brought you to the right place.”

“Each Heartbeat of Miami clinic serves nearly 20 women per day. Like Jessica, most of these women are abortion-minded,” Hartshorn continues. “When they arrive at the clinic, they find love, counseling, a free ultrasound, and the gospel of Jesus. Women who have suffered a previous abortion find forgiveness, healing, and acceptance through abortion recovery programs.”

Heartbeat of Miami President, Martha Avila, expressed her joy for this work with us in a recent interview: “When they come in they think we are one of the many abortion businesses in Miami. They are seeking an abortion, thinking, ‘This is what I want.’ But then when they leave, they leave with Jesus in their heart and a baby in their womb!”

You can be a part of the great work happening in urban centers across our country by supporting Heartbeat International.