Abortion Activists Fail to Bring Down California Billboards

State   |   Ryan Bomberger   |   Jul 15, 2011   |   10:33AM   |   Oakland, CA

Pro-abortion groups in Oakland, California, just can’t seem to accept that they’ve failed.  Despite shamefully biased and blatantly dishonest press from local TV news (CBS-5 and ABC-7) and area newspapers (Oakland Tribune and San Francisco Chronicle) none of their absurd cries of racism could remove the “Black & Beautiful: TooManyAborted.com” billboards.

Contrary to their false claims, the billboards were not removed due to their opposition; they were removed because of expiration.  The contract for the billboards (see embedded image) expired on July 10th; so, naturally, the billboards are coming down as new clients and advertising go up. That hasn’t stopped groups like Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice (ACRJ) and RH Reality Check (which needs its own reality check) from claiming they brought them down.

They apparently didn’t get the memo from CBS Outdoor’s Jeff McCuen who stated clearly in an email to ACRJ:

“The Radiance ads are within the standards we apply to all submissions, and we would apply those same standards in deciding whether to accept an ad presenting an opposing viewpoint. At the end of the day we have faith in the public’s ability to use their judgment with regard to the issues involved in this debate.”

I think the word to describe abortion activists’ incessant dishonesty is: pathological.

Their willingness to say anything, do anything, and claim anything no matter how untrue is astonishing.

The Radiance Foundation and the Issues4Life Foundation have awakened communities in Los Angeles and Oakland with the TooManyAborted.com campaign. Our efforts have truly revealed how radically pro-abortion these groups and their media allies are. None of them mentioned a single statistic regarding abortion in California, or nationwide. California leads the nation in abortions at 214,190 in the latest reported year. Instead, they deal in euphemisms, and we deal with realism. Walter B. Hoye II, Founder and President of the California-based Issues4Life Foundation is undeterred by the opposition’s strategy of “prochoice” fascism and easily disprovable propaganda. He simply responded to their efforts with three simple words: “I’m not done.”

And neither is the battle.

Pro-abortion groups, across the country, have a strategy of spewing racial and gender animus to combat the fact-filled pro-life and pro-adoption themed campaigns launched by The Radiance Foundation and its partnering organizations.  In Atlanta, the same false claims of removing our billboards were touted by SisterSong and the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC).  The Reverend Doctor Carlton Veazey, CEO and President of the RCRC has no issue with using religion to justify killing, so lying is all the easier.

They claimed that The Radiance Foundation’s first campaign, ‘Black Children Are An Endangered Species’ was “so inflammatory that they were taken down.” Once again,  the claim is completely untrue, verifiable through CBS Outdoor. Many of these billboards actually remained up longer than the stated contract until new advertisers leased the spaces.

None of our billboards have ever been removed. But that won’t stop these groups from distorting anything they can to distract the public from seeing the truth. Nothing they have done has decreased abortion rates nor overall unintended pregnancy rates nationwide. But they can’t make a bumper sticker out of that.

On Monday, July 18th, I have the privilege of debating Carlton Veazey of the RCRC on NPR’s “Tell Me More” broadcast nationwide (check NPR for times in your area). I anticipate all of the same baseless “prochoice” rhetoric, but will respond with nothing but passion to help save anyone targeted by the abortion industry.