Pro-Abortion Alan Grayson Runs for Congress Again in Florida

State   |   Andrew Bair   |   Jul 13, 2011   |   12:29PM   |   Washington, DC

2012 just got even more interesting. Pro-abortion former Congressman Alan Grayson, who was overwhelmingly defeated in 2010 by pro-life Republican Daniel Webster in Florida’s 8th district, announced Monday evening he will run again for the House.

Grayson earned the reputation as an outspoken liberal firebrand. He is best known for remarks made during the debate over healthcare reform in which he made the outrageous claim that the Republican plan for healthcare was “Don’t get sick! And if you do get sick, die quickly.”

Contrary to Grayson’s assertions, it is President Obama’s healthcare plan that will impose rationing on the American people, hitting the elderly and those with disabilities the hardest. Obamacare established the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), which without Congressional oversight, will determine who can and cannot receive treatment. Operating from a set of quality and efficiency standards, it is assured the IPAB will discriminate against the vulnerable; refusing care to those deemed unfit and preventing individuals from using their own money to pay for treatment.

During the 2010 election, Grayson drew national attention after essentially calling his opponent a terrorist, releasing an ad against Daniel Webster labeling him “Taliban Dan.” The ad was widely panned by members of both parties and contributed to Grayson’s disastrous showing on November 2nd. Grayson lost by a whopping 18 points.

Somehow those 18 points have not deterred Grayson from making another go of it. One would assume in order to run again, Grayson would tone down his hyperbolic style. But to the contrary, he seems to be sticking to his guns, hoping redistricting will provide him with a new more liberal district in which to run.

After the 2010 elections in which Democrats were trounced nationwide, Grayson blamed Democratic leadership and President Obama for pursuing a “policy of appeasement” during the first two years of Obama’s term. “People understood we need a congressman with guts,” Grayson said. “There needs to be some Democrat who’s willing to tell it like it is, and I don’t see a lot of people doing it nationally.”

In the first day since his announcement, Grayson took aim at the 2012 Republican presidential candidates, telling the Daily Caller they “seem to be in some kind of contest among themselves for the biggest, most callous tool. They all seem to be running for college class president at some fundamentalist Christian school that nobody has ever heard of, not for President of the United States.”

In the same interview with the Daily Caller, Grayson made an underhanded comment about pro-life Governor Chris Christie’s weight saying, “The only candidate that I’m really worried about is Governor Christie, because he’s too big to fail.” (Christie has repeatedly said he is not running)

During the 111th Congress, Grayson earned a 0% rating from the National Right to Life Committee, voting for the pro-abortion Obama healthcare law, to fund Planned Parenthood, to use taxpayer funds for abortion in the District of Columbia and for the DISCLOSE Act, a bill that would have limited the free speech of grassroots right to life groups.