Planned Parenthood Abortion v. Adoption Referrals

Opinion   |   Gerard Nadal, Ph.D.   |   Jul 12, 2011   |   11:09AM   |   Washington, DC

The picture tells the story. These are the people who, along with NARAL, are attacking Crisis Pregnancy Centers all over the nation. Saving babies is bad for business.

A ten year-old girl has seen right through these people, as only children can. Click here for the eloquence of a young girl’s purity.

(Editor’s Note: The adoption figures come from 2008, and the 2009 figures in the Planned Parenthood annual report are worse.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America posted on its website what it calls its service numbers for 2009. This document, dated February 2011, shows Planned Parenthood affiliates nationwide did 332,278 surgical abortions or abortions using the dangerous RU 486 abortion during in 2009.

The new document the abortion organization posted shows Planned Parenthood provided prenatal services to merely 7,021 women and referred only 977 women for adoption services. These numbers were a 25 percent drop in prenatal care clients and a whopping 59 percent decline in adoption referrals from the 2,405 adoption referrals in 2008. The abortion business helped only 9,433 prenatal clients in 2008, down substantially from the 11,000 women it provided prenatal care to in 2007 — showing health care given to pregnant woman has fallen substantially over the years.

As a result, 97.6 percent of pregnant women going to Planned Parenthood are sold abortions while less than 2.4 percent of pregnant women received non-abortion services including adoption and prenatal care. That’s up from 96.5 percent of pregnant women going to Planned Parenthood getting abortions in 2008.)

Graphic courtesy of Live Action.