Canadian Pregnancy Center Hit by Pro-Abortion Vandals Again

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 11, 2011   |   12:53PM   |   Fredericton, New Brunswick

Pro-abortion vandals in Canada have hit a crisis pregnancy center on three successive occasions, leading the New Brunswick Right to Life Association , which runs the center for pregnant women, to contact police.

Starting on June 29 and continuing for two additional nights, a pro-abortion vandal hit the Mother and Child House on Brunswick Street, and NBRTL director Peter Ryan described what happened for the Daily Gleaner newspaper.

“It happened on three successive nights, three different incidents,” he said. “One night they painted the word ‘Choice’ on one side of our building in large black letters and came back two other nights and ripped off our wooden flower boxes attached to the front of our building which dress it up nicely.

“They didn’t just rip out the flowers, but they went to the trouble of yanking the whole fixture off the wall, which suggests there was some animosity toward us, he added. “We suspect it’s somebody who just doesn’t like us.”

The pregnancy center is close to the Morgentaler abortion business in town and Ryan says he believes the same person or people are behind each incident of vandalism, since they are the same.

“We have covered it over,” Ryan said. “There seems to be a pattern here of us being targeted and perhaps the public could help us by keeping an eye on our building and if people are doing something, they shouldn’t be afraid to report it (to police).”

“We’ve had quite a few incidents in the last four or five years. I think it’s intensified,” he told the Daily Gleaner. “We’re appealing to whoever this is to please leave us alone and respect our choice to do what we do here, which is to help pregnant women in need. We don’t do it the way they want us to do it which is to give women abortions. We do help these women both before they’re considering abortion and after they’ve had abortions. We help these women just by offering compassion and support and information. We think that’s not a terrible thing.”

Fredericton Police Force spokesman Const. Rick Mooney told the newspaper officials are looking into the incidents and conducting an investigation.

A few years ago, the pro-life group faced off with the city, when Fredericton officials prohibited it from placing advertisements against abortion inside bus shelters. New Brunswick Right to Life said the city is discriminating against it by allowing other advertisers to appear on the shelters but not their ads asking people to rethink their abortion views.

The ads in question are professional-looking and non-graphic and feature the tag line, “Abortion. Have we gone too far?” They were created by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops under a campaign called the Second Look Project. “The human heart begins to beat 22 days after conception. Currently in Canada, that heartbeat can be stopped up until birth. No medical reason needed,” the ads read.

Peter Ryan, executive director of the pro-life group, told the Daily Gleaner newspaper, “We think we’re picked upon and not held to a standard that is fair.”

“We think it’s discriminatory, it’s repressive and we’re going to fight it,” he added. “These ads are very tasteful, but it’s just because they mention the abortion word that some people think, ‘No, we’re just not even going to allow any kind of public discussion or debate about it.’”