Pregnancy Worries Are Temporary, But Abortion is Forever

Opinion   |   Kristan Hawkins   |   Jul 8, 2011   |   11:54AM   |   Washington, DC

I am always excited when a supporter reaches out and lets me know that they’ve been touched or helped directly by our pro-life efforts.

Recently, a young woman wrote to me to tell me that one of our groups supported her during her pregnancy and encouraged her to carry full-term. Now, because of the help of one campus group, she is the proud mother of two beautiful twin boys!

She now shares her story with the hope that she can pass on the love and support she received from a Students for Life group in her time of need. This is her story:

“In college, I was able to meet a wonderful student who was considering becoming a part of UWF Students for Life. While studying, we began to discuss abortion and I mentioned that I honestly didn’t have an opinion on being for or against the issue. He convinced me to go to the meeting on campus, and I was moved by the negative things I learned about abortion. At the meeting, 40 Days for Life was mentioned and a fellow classmate and I decided to get involved.

We woke up very early on a Friday morning and prayed for people going into a local clinic. The ages of the people entering the clinic varied dramatically and tears were falling from both of our eyes as we prayed. No one arriving to the clinic had anyone by their side, they were merely dropped off and picked up once their appointments were finished. It was surprising how many young people came, and most were repeat visitors. What touched me the most was watching a mother drop off her own daughter, who looked to be around 16. When she was forced to stop near the people praying, she began to shake so much that she couldn’t drive.

That was the moment I realized I needed to make a difference, and I began doing my own research. I talked with my boyfriend about how much I had been moved at the clinic and how the people leaving would never get the chance to watch their baby cry, laugh or walk.

Shortly after my visit to the clinic, my boyfriend and I realized we were expecting our first child. He assumed my new-found stance on abortion would change, but I stayed strong and endured an emotionally exhausting pregnancy. When the doctor discovered my unborn twins could have a sickle cell disease, my boyfriend tried convincing me to abort and try for “better” kids once we graduated and were married. I was six months pregnant.

Thankfully, his mind changed when he realized mine wasn’t going to. I survived all the obstacles and Michael and Paul were born last December weighing 7lbs 1oz and 7lbs 4oz. They are my true blessings and our family is happy. Worries are temporary, but our love for our boys will never end.”