Poland Vote to Ban All Abortions Should Inspire Pro-Lifers

International   |   Mary Novick   |   Jul 6, 2011   |   4:51PM   |   Warsaw, Poland

Let us draw inspiration from the actions of the Polish Parliament last week in the overwhelming vote to totally outlaw abortion. There is hope!

Last week the Sejm – the lower chamber of the Polish Parliament – voted to outlaw all abortions in a landslide vote of 254 to 151 with 11 abstentions. This great legislative victory rode on a great wave of support from the grassroots, with over 600,000 signatures that were gathered in just the two weeks before the vote. Among the supporters for this legislation are OBGYNs, journalists, and lawyers.

With this vote, the people hope to reclaim Poland from the culture of death that was imposed on it by the Nazis and the Communists that introduced abortion to this beautiful country. Women journalists express their support for a ban on all abortion in Poland in an open letter stating,

“A vote for the protection of the unborn would be a vote for the restoration of moral order.  It would be a vote for the protection of women, and the protection of their relationship with their children. It would also be a vote for the restoration of dignity and respect for motherhood.”

Abortion drives a wedge between a mother and her child, pitting one against the other. Polish women recognize that a total ban on abortion safeguards this relationship and gives motherhood the esteem that it deserves.

Poland is one of the most pro-life countries in Europe. Currently, abortion is only legal in Poland in the case of fetal anomalies, when the pregnancy results from criminal acts, or when the life or health of the mother is at risk.

The battle is not quite over in Poland. The abortion ban still needs to pass the Polish Senate and be signed into law by the President, who has stated his reluctance toward the measure.

As we continue to strive to make our own country one where everyone is welcomed in life and protected in law, let us take this bold move by Poland as a source of inspiration and hope that we might be able to do the same one day.

LifeNews.com Note:  Mary Novick writes for Americans United for Life.