Web Site Chronicles Violence by Abortion Supporters, Practitioners

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 5, 2011   |   5:05PM   |   Washington, DC

Human Life International has revised and updated its ProChoiceViolence.com web site that chronicles violent, illegal and harassing actions by abortion practitioners and abortion supporters.

HLI staffer Dr. Brian Clowes, director of research for the pro-life group and the lead researcher for HLI’s “Pro-Choice Violence” project, says the web site provides extensive research on the surprising amount of violence perpetrated by abortion practitioners and the proponents of “choice,” compared to the relatively few violent crimes committed by “pro-life” advocates.

“If people truly understood how backwards the media narrative is regarding the supposed intolerance and violence of pro-lifers, compared to that of ‘pro-choicers,’ we would be having a very different conversation about abortion in our nation today,” he explained. “Pro-lifers should learn the truth about how peaceful their movement really is, although most know by experience; and by comparison, how many crimes are committed by abortionists and those who defend their ability to destroy innocent human life.”

Clowes hopes the web site changes the national narrative and the stereotype of pro-life advocates as the people who engage in abortion-related violence.

“The point of this project is not to demonize any person who defends the false ‘right’ to choose abortion, it is to set the story straight,” Clowes added. “Countless television shows hold up an archetype of the loud, abusive, or even violent pro-lifer attacking the well-intentioned, heroic abortionist who is supposedly just trying to help women. News reports dwell on the real and sometimes fabricated crimes against abortionists, and routinely refuse to cover real crimes committed by those who either perform abortions or use violence to intimidate pro-lifers.”

Clowes is also quick to not castigate all abortion supporters as people who engage in violence and harassment or illegal activities.

“While most pro-choice activists would not participate in such attacks, the fact that they go ignored by the media actually encourages those whose support for the violence of abortion translates into violence against those who would defend an unborn child’s right to life,” he says.

The web site www.prochoiceviolence.com has several sharable documents, each focusing on a different aspect of the phenomenon of pro-choice violence. It also features a growing collection of videos in which pro-lifers are abused or attacked for their views. Some of the information is graphic in nature because of the severity of the actions.

The main body of the site consists of a state-by-state and city-by-city listing of more than eleven thousand documented incidents of “pro-choice” violence and lawbreaking, from mass murder, rape, arson, cannibalism, kidnapping and maiming to cheating in sports events, animal neglect and cruelty, indecent exposure, child sexual molestation and bank robbery. Each incident is backed up by references so that “pro-choice” people cannot claim the site is mere “anti-choice propaganda.”

Clowes goes on to describe the web site further:

In addition to more than 1,200 pages of descriptions and documentation, the site includes:

  • An spreadsheet summarizing the types of “pro-choice” violence;
  • A list of hundreds of women killed by so-called “safe and legal” abortion;
  • Short summaries of the stories of pregnant women who were murdered by their boyfriends or husbands because they refused to get abortions;
  • A PowerPoint document that can be used for presentations.

This is the largest compendium of “pro-choice” violence ever assembled. Even pro-lifers are astonished when they see hard evidence that “pro choicers” have committed more than 300 murders since Roe v. Wade and an incredible 192 murders just since the year 2000, most of these against women who refuse their demands to have abortions. Add to this the at least 550 fatal botched abortions committed by abortionists, and we can see that the “pro-choice” movement is responsible for more than 850 deaths since Roe v. Wade. In fact, “pro choicers” have averaged more murders per year since 1985 than supposed “pro lifers” have in the history of the entire conflict over abortion.

But, of course, all we hear about in the press is the people killed by allegedly “pro-life” people. Not surprisingly, abortionists, whose entire business is killing, are the most violent members of the “pro-choice” movement. They have murdered their wives, butchered women during abortions and walked away to let them die; some have even committed such hideous crimes as cannibalism and the production of child pornography. This database provides detailed information on the crimes committed by more than 350 abortionists, from Mehrdad Aalai to Theresa Zumwalt.

The site comes with a warning, as it relates often gruesome details of crimes that might not be suitable for young or sensitive readers. It thoroughly investigates and presents many aspects of the abortion mentality that most pro-lifers are not even aware of:

  • It proves that abortion is essential to covering up child molestation, giving nearly one hundred detailed accounts of how older men have molested very young girls and, when they get pregnant, have taken them to abortion mills where the abortionists ask no questions. All they do is take the man’s money, perform the abortion, and send the girl home to be raped over and over again.
  • The “pro-choice” mentality leads not only to deadly violence, but to sexual violence as well. HLI has documented more than 2,500 sex crimes by “pro-choicers,” including more than 200 cases of rape, more than 500 incidents of sexual assault of children, and more than 700 cases of sexual abuse and assault.
  • Abortionists have committed more than 3,000 medical crimes, from gross negligence and incompetence to grave robbery and forced abortions. In fact, since abortionists occupy the lowest rung of the medical profession, it is almost impossible to find one who has not committed such crimes in their mad dash to accumulate as much cash as quickly as possible.
  • Abortion is also the sex slave trader’s best friend, and this database gives information on how “pro-choicers” use it to keep their sex slaves “in line.”
  • When abortionists murder or sexually molest women, the “pro-choice” groups always take the side of the [usually male] abortionist against the victims. This proves once and for all that the “pro-choice” movement values the availability of abortion above the health and the very lives of women it claims to care about.
  • The site shows that murderous “pro-choice” violence does not only occur in North America, but all over the world. It presents dozens of examples of abortion supporters committing violence in other countries.
  • Not only have “pro-choicers” murdered pro-lifers (Jim Pouillon being only the latest victim), but they have attempted to murder pro-lifers more than thirty times. This database also documents nearly 400 “pro-choice” physical assaults against pro-lifers, including nearly fifty by abortionists. “Pro-choice” people have violently attacked pro lifers with guns, cars, acid, hypodermic syringes, and baseball bats, and other “pro choicers” have actually applauded and supported these actions.
  • There are many particularly hideous and depraved crimes committed by “pro-choicers,” crimes committed to frame pro-lifers to make us look violent, detailed accounts of many disgusting and dangerous “front-alley” abortion mills, and the racism and hate crimes committed by “pro-choicers.”
  • Throughout history, many of the worst mass murderers and fiends have been “pro-choice.” For example, the Marquis de Sade ¯ whose novels celebrated the torture and murder of pregnant women ¯ advocated the legalization of abortion in France more than two centuries ago. After he escaped Germany at the end of World War II, one of the most notorious Nazis of all, Josef Mengele, known as the “Angel of Death” from the Auschwitz concentration camp, moved to Argentina and set up shop as an abortionist. And Chicago abortionist Henry Howard Holmes, known as “America’s Arch-Fiend,” was our nation’s first serial killer, murdering more than fifty people by slowly burning them to death and dissolving them in acid.