Ryan Bomberger Joins LifeNews.com as Pro-Life Guest Blogger

National   |   LifeNews.com   |   Jul 5, 2011   |   12:40PM   |   Washington, DC

Abortion has devastated the black community in America — as African-American women, both nationally and in places like Texas, Georgia and New York City, have higher abortion rates than women of other racial backgrounds.

Ryan Bomberger, as a black pro-life advocate, an adoptee and an adoptive parent, understands this problem and he has worked overtime to do something about it. The billboard, multimedia and other campaigns he has undertaken to draw attention to the plight of black women and unborn children have helped focus a national spotlight on how abortion targets the black community.

As a respected pro-life activist Bomberger is taking his campaign of re-establishing the notion that “Life has purpose” to a new platform:  the LifeNews.com pro-life news service. Bomberger has accepted an invitation to join a highly-respected panel of pro-life leaders and activists who participate as contributing bloggers at LifeNews, the leading international pro-life news service reaching more than 500,000 readers daily via its web site, email, and social media platform.

Bomberger said he is excited to join LifeNews and he talked about the historical pro-life perspective he will bring in his posts.

“I’m a firm believer that historical context is vital.  Our present is the sum total of our yesterdays; it provides clarity and better understanding of today’s circumstances. It’s the reason why The Radiance Foundation launched TooManyAborted.com,” Bomberger says.

“The prolife movement began, not in the early 70s, but when we were first created by a God who infused Purpose into every living human being.  That same Purpose has been celebrated and defended throughout humankind’s history,” Bomberger explains. “Today’s continuing battle to illuminate that we’re all “created equal” and endowed by our Creator “with certain unalienable Rights”, namely “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” is one that is being waged on an epic level. Many institutions (mainstream media, public schools, colleges and universities, corporate America, and many in the Church) fight hard to obfuscate our past while ignoring the peril of our present disregard for Life.”

Bomberger said his background of being “a transracial adoptee” and an adoptive father will allow him to “expose the antithesis to individual purpose—abortion.”

He says that, at LifeNews.com, he will “focus on the life-affirming options of adoption and fostercare, celebrating the courage of birth mothers and the families that embrace Life that is unplanned.”

“As one who is as black as Obama, and the same tangible realization of Possibility (in that both of our early circumstances in life are prime excuses for a child  be aborted), I will be relentless in exposing Planned Parenthood,” Bomberger added. “I will show the utter hypocrisy of Planned Parenthood’s rhetoric, the blatant dishonesty of their propaganda (including the Guttmacher Institute), and why they continue to target those they consider “unfit” to reproduce.”

Bomberger says he will also underscore the racial component of abortion — something that affects him personally but a topic on which he can approach from both an emotional as well as a factual angle.

“Race and abortion is a volatile mix, one that the abortion industry is solely responsible for creating. My writing helps adjust the lens through which the public views the issue—with a statistical, analytical and historical filter that’s irrefutable,” Bomberger concludes.

Steven Ertelt, the founder and executive editor of LifeNews.com said he is delighted to have Bomberger on board and looks forward to his writings.

“His work with the Radiance Foundation and headline-grabbing billboard campaigns have quickly propelled Ryan to a respected position within the pro-life movement,” Ertelt said. “Ryan understands the whys and wherefores of how abortion not only destroys the lives of unborn children and hurts women, but how it adversely affects society, people and the purpose for which we live.”

“Everything Ryan is involve with is done professionally and it has a quality and an impact that even the other side recognizes — which is why they so strenuously oppose his pro-life efforts. Abortion advocates know that if Ryan is successful in facilitating a culture change within the African-American community and in our nation as a whole, that the entire social and political structure supporting abortion collapses,” Ertelt said.

“We’re fortunate to have Ryan Bomberger as a part of LifeNews and I know his columns will help change the face of the abortion debate,” he concluded.

Bomberger joins a talented team of bloggers that includes Kristan Hawkins, Dr. David Prentice, Abby Johnson, Dr. Gerard Nadal, Andrew Blair, Luis Zaffirini, and Bill Saunders. Together they represent some of the leading pro-life organizations, including the Family Research Council, Live Action, National Right to Life, Students for Life of America, and Americans United for Life.