United Way in Wisconsin Refers Raped Teens to Planned Parenthood

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jun 28, 2011   |   3:54PM   |   Milwaukee, WI

The United Way in Wisconsin is coming under fire from pro-life advocates for launching a new campaign to raise awareness about statutory rape that refers teens and young women to the Planned Parenthood abortion business.

The otherwise much-needed campaign relies on a slick cartoonish poster to convey the important anti-rape message, but the United Way web site refers to the abortion business that has ben repeatedly exposed in multiple states doing abortions on raped teenagers and failing to report such sexual abuse to authorities. After the abortion, Planned Parenthood does nothing to protect the teenagers for which it is paid to abort their unborn children.

The  “Fairytale statutory rape ad campaign” launched at bus stops throughout the city of Milwaukee and the poster refers people to babycanwait.com where, a page on “Teen Sexual Rights” includes a section on “Seeing A Doctor Confidentially.”

– Minors can see a doctor confidentially (privately) at most clinics for these services:

1. screening and treatment of sexually transmitted infections and

2. alcohol or other drug abuse without parent consent.

For pregnancy testing and birth control prescriptions specifically, a minor must go to a federally funded family planning clinic such as Planned Parenthood. (Title X, 42 C.F.R §59.5) In these clinics, all sexual health issues are confidential (kept private) unless the doctor has concern for abuse, child safety or exploitation, and then they would have to report it. (WI statute 48.981) If you are interested in either pregnancy testing or birth control, speak with your individual doctor to see if they provide these two services.

Pro-Life Wisconsin, which uncovered the United Way-Planned Parenthood link, is outraged by it.

“United Way is tied very closely to Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin (click here for a 2010 pledge form, listing PPWI as a “Community Health Charity”). In addition, United Way and PPWI are members of a “Healthy Youth Alliance,” pushing comprehensive sex ed across Wisconsin,” the organization noted. “The point is this: United Way refers these young girls to PPWI for treatment or “services.” PPWI has been shown willing to cover up purported statutory rape, sending these young girls right back to their abusers. It’s a vicious circle, rather than a deplorable societal injustice moving toward an end point.”

“Through its ties to Planned Parenthood, United Way is assisting in the cover-up of statutory rape, exacerbating the problem and allowing it to continue,” Pro-Life Wisconsin adds. “Continuing to push “comprehensive” sex ed on young girls starting at age 8, and then wondering why the teenage pregnancy rate is so high, is akin to holding a lighted match next to a piece of paper and then wondering why it catches on fire. If young girls are told it’s OK to have sex with a wink and a nod, and there are cultural factors at play here as well, that’s something an ad campaign can’t fix.”

Live Action, which recorded the undercover footage showing Planned Parenthood concealing the sexual abuse, is also flabbergasted by the United Way campaign.

“So statutory rape will be kept confidential at “a federally funded family planning clinic like Planned Parenthood” “unless the doctor has concern for abuse, child safety or exploitation.” According to the site, the law does not require reporting if there is a reasonable suspicion of abuse–it’s up to the subjective concern of the clinic. Which, based on what we’ve found at Milwaukee’s Planned Parenthood abortion clinic, is not too great,” it said.

Live Action released the 10th video in a series showing Planned Parenthood centers across the nation covering up cases of statutory rape. The videos also show officials giving misleading information about fetal development and abortion and urging teens to avoid parental involvement laws. Live Action has made public the full, unedited video from its undercover investigation and sent it to the Wisconsin Attorney General and Milwaukee District Attorney.

Planned Parenthood Wisconsin CEO Teri Huyck called the videos “highly edited” and accused Live Action of manipulating footage to make a “false and inflammatory” video.

“Assuming this patient gave us her name, we would report it,” Huyck said. “The so-called patient in this case did not provide identifying information. In fact, she refused.”

Yet, the full footage includes Planned Parenthood staff taking down a full name for the girl, “Janelle Marion,” and a birth date, in order to help her obtain a judicial bypass waiver for her abortion.

Lila Rose, the president of Live Action, commented then on the video.

“Planned Parenthood has clearly violated public trust by covering up sexual abuse. Now their CEO Teri Huyck is lying to the public about this cover up. Wisconsin Law enforcement must hold Planned Parenthood accountable to the law. And Wisconsin lawmakers must put an end to the millions of dollars of taxpayer subsidies Planned Parenthood receives,” she told LifeNews.com.

The video shows staff at a Wisconsin facility counseling a purportedly 14-year-old girl to not divulge how a 31-year-old man impregnated her.
The video also shows Planned Parenthood staff coaching the girl on how to obtain an abortion without her parent’s consent — in violation of Wisconsin state law.

In Wisconsin, state law spells out that sexual relations between an adult and a minor under the age of 16 is a felony and health care professionals are required to report such cases to law enforcement immediately. The law specifically includes abortion providers in the reporting requirement.

After hearing the girl is allegedly 14 and her boyfriend is “much older,” the new video shows the Planned Parenthood counselor saying whether the statutory rape will be reported to authorities “depends on the person you’re disclosing that information to.” When the girl says that her boyfriend is 31, the counselor tells her, “You don’t have to say anything” about the statutory rape and instructs her, “Just give them the information that’s needed.”

The counselor also confirms that the 31- year-old “boyfriend” will be paying for the abortion the actor posing as the underage minor is allegedly seeking.

Live Action is also responsible for a video expose‘ of biased counseling and medical misinformation at Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin. Wisconsin law requires that women be provided accurate medical information before undergoing an abortion.

“The evidence is now available for all to see that Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin ignores state laws that have been in place for years,” Rose says. “Wisconsin law enforcement needs to follow the lead of other jurisdictions, investigate this corrupt organization, and enforce the laws that protect vulnerable women and their pre-born children.”

Live Action previously highlighted problems at Planned Parenthoods in California, Indiana, Arizona, Tennessee, and Alabama. The Alabama Department of Health put a Birmingham Planned Parenthood on probation two weeks ago after finding numerous additional legal violations after the video prompted officials there to conduct an investigation.

ACTION: Contact United Way of Greater Milwaukee at https://www.unitedwaymilwaukee.org/ContactUs.htm with your complaints.