The Human Face of One Woman Deceived by the Abortion Industry

Opinion   |   Gerard Nadal, Ph.D.   |   Jun 28, 2011   |   12:21PM   |   Washington, DC

The problem that I have with statistics when describing the numbers of human victims of tragedy is that they don’t show us the faces of those who suffer.

The numbers are cold and impersonal. They don’t show us emotion. They don’t tell us of the deception that has led to their suffering, and no place is that more true than with the deception of the abortionist.

Here is a woman of immense grace, a post-abortive mom, Carla. Carla is a fellow moderator at Jill Stanek’s blog, and one of the women who has guided me in my development within the pro-life movement. This is Carla’s story, which is so many other women’s story.

This is the human face of one who has experienced the depths of suffering after abortion and has risen anew in Jesus’ mercy and forgiveness. Carla works diligently at leading many post-abortive women home, and steering abortion-minded women away from the same experience that she has suffered.

God love you, Carla.