Abortion Regulations May Shut Down Kansas Abortion Centers

State   |   Kathy Ostrowski   |   Jun 25, 2011   |   10:39AM   |   Topeka, KS

For many years, abortion businesses in Kansas have claimed to legislative committees that they do not need state oversight and that they already adhere to high industry standards.

So it’s quite interesting that Wednesday’s AP story speculates that Kansas’ 3 abortion businesses may not meet the July 1 facility regulations that the state health department (KDHE) is implementing for the new licensure law.

Ironically, most provisions in the new Kansas law were taken from the published standards of the National Abortion Federation!  To that was added requirements that any abortion must be done by a Kansas-licensed physician with local hospital privileges, and that chemical abortion pills must not be provided via computer.

Contrary to abortion supporters’ rant on this page, the law complies with decades of abortion court rulings, and is particularly governed by Greenville Women’s Clinic v. Bryant, 222 F.3d 157 (4th Cir.2000).  The U.S. Supreme Court did not take the Greenville lower court case for review, and let stand the ruling that South Carolina state standards for licensing abortion clinics ARE constitutional.  The court found the state’s regulations:

  • did not impose an undue burden on the right to seek abortion;
  • do serve a valid purpose in safeguarding the health of women;
  • had a rational basis for regulating abortion clinics, while not regulating other healthcare facilities, [noting that] abortions are “inherently different from other medical procedures, because no other procedure involves the purposeful termination of a potential life.”

The South Carolina standards –upheld as constitutional– are actually more stringent than the new Kansas law!

The clinic complaining the loudest about the law is furthest from attaining these standards: the AID FOR WOMEN abortion mill in Kansas City Kansas. For many years they had cash-discount days publicized in their yellow page ads. Now their website policy reads

NO CHECKS. Let me repeat, NO CHECKS accepted.  You must pay up front before the procedure.  Cash discounts are 3% lower than credit and debit cards…[Women on the 2-day schedule] come and go through first. Any scheduling gaps will be filled with One-day patients on a First-Come-First-served basis.  This is to reduce delays caused by the disorganized people (50- 75%) who come unprepared (late, wrong paperwork, no lD, more weeks along than they thought and no more money, less weeks than they thought i.e. not pregnant or miscarried, chewing gum, brought children to the waiting room, support person can’t stay, can’t read quickly, language barriers) and delay everybody else.  You will be re-scheduled if more than 15 minutes late.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

Note disparaging remarks on this same Aid for Women website that undermine the truth of the state-mandated abortion materials–a diatribe that no legitimate physician or medical group would fathom printing:

“You will need access to some booklets that the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE), forced by the Republican legislature, to publish and distribute in hopes of changing your mind away from an abortion.The Kansas Department of Health and Environment(KDHE) has published a booklet of color photos of what the pregnancy looks like at different stages, and a directory of abortion alternatives. The anti-abortion legislators who got this law passed feel that you will be better informed by seeing these graphic photos and the long list of alternatives...KANSAS REPUBLICAN MISOGYNIST (women-hating) bullies require that we tell you that “Abortion will terminate the life of a whole, separate, unique, living human being,” to try and guilt trip you into carrying to full term.  They don’t care if you cannot afford another child.  They want more cheap, uneducated workers for their factories, in my opinion...Every year the social conservatives (typically Republicans and a few Democrats) try to find ways to outlaw abortion, make abortion too difficult or too expensive to obtain even if it is legal.  They do not really care about women’s health as they always claim (“Abortion will be safe when you can’t get one.”).  They don’t like people having sex that doesn’t result in pregnancy and a baby. They don’t like birth control. Period.  They hate condoms, birth control pills, morning-after-pills, vasectomies, tubal ligations, IUD’s, and any sexual position other than [censored by Editor] sex.  They are miserable and they want your companionship to make themselves feel better.  Check here to see what stupid laws they are trying to pass now.

These online commentaries are representative of the “medical personnel” running the AID FOR WOMEN abortion business who

  • want the state kept out of their profit-margin-driven clinics;
  • disparage pregnancy information booklets and waiting periods as disrespectful of women;
  • want sole control of pregnant minors and hate another new Kansas law requiring parental consent.

More in an upcoming blog on the Aid for Women personnel…

LifeNews.com Note: Kathy Ostrowski is the legislative director for Kansans for Life, a statewide pro-life group.