Abby Johnson Inspires Audience at Right to Life Convention

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jun 24, 2011   |   2:24PM   |   Washington, DC

Abby Johnson inspired attendees of the National Right to Life Convention with her opening talk to hundreds of pro-life activists of all ages — sharing her story of conversion to the pro-life perspective on abortion.

Johnson said it has been somewhat difficult to reach out to former co-workers at Planned Parenthood — who now go after her following her decision to quit working at the abortion business.

“I don’t like being chastised by people who used to be my closest friends, but it’s not about me at all. I don’t do this to make myself feel good and I don’t think anyone else here does either,” Johnson, said.

Johnson, who now is a guest blogger at, says the conversion experience shows her, “We need alot of healing in our country. We know that women deserve better, families deserve better, our children deserve better, our country deserves better.”

Johnson said there has to be a combination of laws protecting unborn children frmo abortion but said that has to be combined with prayer.

“We want to see legislation change and that is important but we can’t legislate abortion away, it won’t happen. Roe v. Wade could be overturned tomorrow but abortions would still be happening Saturday,” she told the audience. “More regulations we put on the books the fewer abortons happen. It’s true, it does make a difference.”

“We can put all of these laws in place and scream personhood or whatever we want but abortions will still take place. Why? Because our society and our culture still needs healing and laws will not heal our country in the way it still needs to be healed. I did not leave the abortion industry because of laws, I left the abortion industry because of Christ. I left the abortion industry because people were willing to get uncomfortable and go outside of that abortion clinic and stand there in the heat and rain and persecution and the laughter — when people made fun of them and it wasn’t going to work — but it made a difference to at least one person they know and that was me,” she said.

“Stopping abortion, even one abortion is worth our time and sacrifice,” Johnson continued. “Being pro-life is about taking our pro-lfie convictions out into the world.

Johnson said that, before she left the abortion industry, she was ashamed and used to tell people she worked at a doctor’s office or medical clinic and would “only wave the big pro-choice flag” when she found herself at a rally or among a big group of pro-abortion people.

“I worked at an abortion clinic is a shameful thing to say, she said. “Now when people ask, I never shy away from the question, I am proud to say that now I dedicate my life to standing up and speaking out for the sanctity of human life. For speaking out for those who don’t have a voice, that is what my life is about now. We need to be unabashedly pro-life everywhere we go, every time we have an opportunity we need to throw in that pro-life message.”

She said she beleves there are many more people who have had abortions than most people seem to realize.

“There are people in your life that you know that have had abortions and they haven’t shared it with you — 1 in 3 women. Everyone is affected, it is our job, and someone is waiting to hear the invitation of hope and healing and those words of life. They won’t hear if it were not out speaking it. Those are proud words to share,” Johnson said. “We cannot afford in this movement to ever let that fire dwindle. Ever.”