Ron Paul Would Sign Planned Parenthood Funding Ban

Politics   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jun 22, 2011   |   11:28PM   |   Washington, DC

In a new statement about his pro-life views, Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul said he would sign a ban on taxpayer funding of the Planned Parenthood abortion business if elected president.

Paul is a Texas congressman and physician who has long-held pro-life views on abortion and has delivered thousands of babies as an obstetrician. He has a mostly pro-life voting record, but has opposed some pro-life legislation because he opposes making certain issues federal in nature.

The comments on Planned Parenthood came in the context of decisions he would make and bills he would sign and he indicated his first priority would be to veto spending bills that contribute to an unbalanced budget.

“Second, I will veto any spending bill that contains funding for Planned Parenthood, facilities that perform abortion and all government family planning schemes, he said.

“Like millions of Americans, I believe that innocent life deserves protection and I am deeply offended by abortion. It is unconscionable to me that fellow Pro-Life Americans are forced to fund abortion through their tax dollars,” Paul added. “As a Congressman, I’ve never voted for any budget that includes funding for Planned Parenthood. Instead, I’ve introduced the Taxpayers’ Freedom of Conscience Act to cut off all taxpayer funding of abortions, so-called “family planning” services and international abortionists.

Paul also indicated he would move to de-fund and stop the implementation of Obamacare, the government-run health care program that allows abortion funding and presents rationing concerns for pro-life groups.