“Pro-Life” Movie “Gates of Hell” Promotes Violence, Not Helpful

Opinion   |   Gerard Nadal, Ph.D.   |   Jun 11, 2011   |   4:15PM   |   Washington, DC

This is beyond words. The eclipse of reason, sanity and decency. A producer by the name of Molotov (can’t make this stuff up) has made a film about a Black terrorist group, called Zulu 9, that goes after abortionists for 40 years of Black genocide. The movie is called, The Gates of Hell. See the trailers, and then the commentary below them.

Once again, Black Americans are portrayed as gangster thugs whose only depth is how much their ammo clip can hold in their automatic weapons. Blacks are consistently portrayed as hopelessly prone to violence as the only solution to what ails them.

This movie is vile and disgusting. Dr. Alveda King and the national team of Black pro-life activists follow in her uncle’s footsteps of non-violent resistance and education. This movie will set their work back by at least a decade. It is a vigilante apologia, and I genuinely fear that it will whip up young black men and lead some to violence.

Perhaps there are pro-lifers who see this differently than I do, but this movie will be the new face of the pro-life movement on CNN, MSNBC, and every other liberal news outlet.

Perhaps I am wrong, but the string of state-level defundings of Planned Parenthood will come to a crashing halt if real violence can be attached to this film.

Perhaps I am wrong in fearing that this will turn the tide of public opinion against us. Perhaps I am wrong in all of the above, but I don’t think so.

I don’t want to see another George Tiller gunned down. I want to see them worn down, to the point where they quit. I don’t want to see any more violence injected into the lives of young Black men, than has already been the tragic reality for decades. I don’t want people seeing this film, or reports about it, and thinking that this is the face of the pro-life movement.

I especially don’t want this movie to cause white pro-lifers to distance themselves from our African-American brothers and sisters in the movement at just the moment when Maafa 21 has begun to resonate and the message of Black Genocide is finally getting a fair hearing by whites.

Most of all, I don’t want this film to ever see the light of day. It’s very premise is antithetical to the pro-life movement.

Molotov will be casting about for endorsements of his suggestive little terrorist cocktail. I’ve seen enough in these trailers to give it two thumbs down. This is one baby that needs to be strangled in its bassinet. If pro-lifers were wise, they would start the denunciations now.