Senate Must Stop Pro-Abortion Obama Judge Pick Steve Six

Opinion   |   Kathy Ostrowski   |   Jun 2, 2011   |   1:22PM   |   Topeka, KS

What would you offer– if you were a powerful person– to induce a lawyer to bail you out of trouble?  Maybe that you’d get him/her on the federal bench?  Kathleen Sebelius had that political need, and has the power to deliver such an ‘abortion payback’ under Pres. Obama…for Steve Six.

Both Kansas Senators must refuse confirmation of Steve Six as suitable to be a federal judge.

Six has not demonstrated any notable record of accomplishment during his Sebelius-appointments.  Rather he has shown himself to be partisan and pro-abortion.  He was willing to interrupt his comfortable law practice and this judicial nomination is his reward for jumping to help Sebelius and the abortion industry.

In December 2007, Gov. Sebelius needed to quickly replace her sex-scandalized Attorney General, Paul Morrison.  Two years earlier, Democrat Sebelius had hand-picked Republican Morrison to ‘restore integrity to the office.’

Sebelius defined integrity as turning a blind eye to abortion illegalities.  As evidenced by her joint statement with Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, the AG race in 2006 was targeted to remove Phill Kline, the first in the nation to prosecute abortionists from that position.

As Attorney General, Morrison showed ‘integrity’ by improperly issuing a statement of innocence for Planned Parenthood, trying to bully the judge in charge of the abortion evidence, and joining abortion attorneys in suing Kline.(read more here)

But the abortion cases were still alive when Morrison’s sex-capades were exposed before he completed one year in office, and Sebelius needed abortion protection in the AG office for the next 3 years.

Sebelius also needed a politician to expand the Kansas Democrat political “bench”–a role Morrison was supposed to fill– and she had to install someone to appease the public’s discomfort with her last pick.

She picked Steve Six from a nondescript law firm, note-worthy because the wife of one of Six’s partners hosted a fundraiser for George Tiller’s ProKanDo PAC. {We wonder if Six attended this August 12, 2004 event, at which the honored guests were Tiller and Alexander Sanger, grandson of Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger.] First Sebelius raised him to judge in liberal Douglas County in 2005, and then made him AG in 2007.

Sebelius achieved a smooth transition with the statewide-unknown Six because the public remembered the ‘Six” name– his father (Fred) had been a well-respected (GOP) Kansas Supreme Court justice.  And she got the fellow she wanted; as Attorney General, Six stayed the pro-abortion/Morrison course. He

  • gagged a judge from testifying about Planned Parenthood crimes,
  • sandbagged the misdemeanor 2009 trial against Tiller, and
  • prevented access to KDHE abortion record copies without patient info.

After Sebelius went to head HHS, Six lost his re-election campaign. Within a few short months came the ‘abortion payback’:  Six was nominated to the federal appeals court, putting him on track to potentially be a future Supreme Court justice!

What a meteoric 6 year career ride for Six by APPOINTMENT:

  1. appointed judge to a newly-created district,
  2. less than 3 years later appointed to state AG, and
  3. 3 years later appointed/nominated to the federal bench!

But in this third round, someone other that Sebelius has to approve of him– the U.S. Senate.

Somehow, pro-life Senators Moran and Roberts refused to put “a hold” (non-approval) on Six.  Both Kansas Senators need to wake up and stop this abortion payback nominee!

Recently, another pro-abortion Obama-nominee to the federal bench (from California) was stopped by Republicans in the Democrat controlled U.S. Senate, but that will not be the case for Six unless our own Republican senators are dedicated to stopping him.  The Six confirmation vote in committee will likely be decided by June 16, before heading to the full Senate.

ACTION ALERT: Contact both of our Kansas U.S. Senators. Urge them to not only vote against Steve Six on the senate floor, and urge other senators to do the same (should things get that far) but to take active steps now to avoid that happening. Call Sen. Pat Roberts (202-224-4774) and Sen. Jerry Moran (202-224-6521). Or you can always reach them via the capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121. Time is of the essence. Do it today! Note:  Kathy Ostrowski is the Legislative Director of Kansans for Life, state affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee.