Online for Life: This Ad Could Save a Baby From Abortion

National   |   Bethany Murphy   |   May 11, 2011   |   11:15AM   |   Washington, DC

When the average American types “abortion” into Google, the top ad results usually point them in one direction: to a clinic that will facilitate the death of an unborn child.

The abortion industry is a business, and despite the claims of Planned Parenthood and other such “family planning” clinics, abortion is their biggest money maker. In select US cities, though, a different advertisement floats to the top of the page, and–in contrast with Planned Parenthood–these advertisements are helping to save the lives of the unborn.

Online for Life was created with a new generation of women in mind: women who search for abortion clinics using Google. Over six million searches for “abortion” and related phrases are typed into search engines every month in America. Online for Life has a novel approach to saving babies: they buy ad space at the top of some of these searches, and direct women to clinics that offer a free ultrasound and pro-life counseling.

There are two paths for pregnant women who end up searching for abortions online. One leads to Planned Parenthood or another abortion provider, where 99% of the services offered to pregnant women is abortion. Women are told their babies are a ball of cells or flesh with no heartbeat. They are not offered an ultrasound to discover that their baby indeed does have a heartbeat and fingers and toes.

Planned Parenthood has good reason not to offer the ultrasound: up to 90% of women choose life after seeing their baby on screen. Instead of seeing an ad for an abortion clinic, some women see one for an Online for Life affiliated pregnancy center. At these centers women are counseled about a choice that’s practically unspoken in an abortion clinic: life. Three quarters of the women who keep their appointments made because of Online for Life have made this choice.

Online For Life tracks a woman through the process, from the first time they search to when they make a decision. They identify how many women have made appointments because of ads clicked on their site, and pregnancy centers follow up with the organization to tell them when a woman chooses life. In just the last two weeks, seven babies have been saved using Online for Life’s technology.

What is saving a life worth? How much does it cost? Online for Life has analyzed how many times their ads appear and how much it costs to save a baby: $676. It costs less than a Bowflex to save a life.

Online For Life is expanding into new markets, increasing their ad-buys to make it possible to save the next generation of unborn children from abortion. Their technology has already saved forty babies, and given their success rates, they’re set to save dozens, hundreds, or thousands more. The number of babies they save is dependent upon how much they’re able to raise to get the advertisements in front of the people choosing between life and death. If you’d like to learn more please visit and get involved today.