“Catholic” Group: Obama Should Do More to Promote Abortion

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 9, 2011   |   4:23PM   |   Washington, DC

President Barack Obama has become the “abortion president,” according to the pro-life leader in Congress but one “pro-choice, Catholic” group says he hasn’t done enough to promote abortion while in office.

Obama has crafted one of the lengthiest pro-abortion records of any president — praising Roe v. Wade, forcing taxpayers to fund abortions in a myriad of circumstances both internationally and domestically, working in concert with pro-abortion groups to promote abortion in Obamacare, and scrapping some of the protections in place for medical workers who refuse to engage in abortions.

Most importantly, Obama has packed the courts with some of the staunchest pro-abortion activists — potentially ensuring that abortion will stay legal on demand for decades to come.

But, according to the heretical group “Catholics for Choice,” a press statement about its newest issue of the magazine it publishes, Conscience, the organization raises the question of whether Obama has done enough to push the abortion envelope further. The supposedly “comprehensive analysis of President Barack Obama’s prochoice record” laments the current “administration’s abysmal failure to take action on choice issues.”

In the piece, “Is Obama Prochoice?,” Jodi Jacobsen says President Obama has not governed with the same sort of pro-abortion bent as candidate Obama sought the office of president in 2008.

“As a candidate, Obama said all the right things. As a president, his actions suggest that then-presidential contender and current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was right—he will not fight for us,” Jacobson writes. “The president has presided over the greatest erosion to women’s reproductive health and rights in the past 30 years, and a continuing degradation of our rights at the state level. Yet still he remains silent. Is Obama prochoice? Not by my definition.”

Catholics for Choice President Jon O’Brien authors another article in the magazine titled “Still Looking for a Champion” and says:  “As I write, President Obama is announcing his bid for reelection. I expect we’ll be hearing more promises about improving the lives and health of women in this country, whether through education and family planning, or support for women who want to continue a pregnancy as well as for those who do not. The new campaign website asks, “Are you in?” Perhaps a better question is, “Mr. Obama, are you?”

The magazine of the pro-abortion “Catholic” group says it “asked leading authors to provide a comprehensive analysis of President Barack Obama’s prochoice record. Many in the progressive reproductive rights and women’s rights field have whispered it, some have murmured it, but Conscience has finally broken the silence about the administration’s abysmal failure to take action on choice issues.”

David Nolan, the editor of Conscience, adds: “In recent months, many have raised questions about the president’s bona fides. Some have been absurd, others merely ridiculous. We see it as a vital part of our job to hold politicians accountable for the promises they make. So we asked our authors—leading experts in the field—to consider what the president has done and what he has failed to do. We asked them to review the evidence and ask ‘Have you kept your promises, President Obama?’”

Activists on the pro-life side would very likely say Obama has kept his promise — to expand abortion as much as possible.

As early as June 2009, Obama had already advanced abortion enough that Congressman Chris Smith of New Jersey, the head of the House Pro-Life Caucus, repeatedly called Obama the “abortion president” and said it is “an ominous cloud, the pro-abortion agenda he has unleashed.”

“President Obama talks inclusion but he practices exclusion,” Smith explained, saying “the White House is a subsidiary of the abortion industry.” Obama “has done much harm and is capable of inflicting much more.”

While Obama has talked about supposed common ground on the issue of abortion, Smith says “common ground is a snare for the nominally and gullibly pro-life” and that common ground “means giving more money to Planned Parenthood, which has done millions of abortions to date.”

If Obama were really interested in finding common ground between his pro-abortion views and the majority of Americans who take a pro-life position, he would advocate bans on taxpayer funding of abortion, informed consent, parental notification and other measures that have been proven to actually reduce the umber of abortions.

Otherwise, Smith said common ground is “nothing but a political tactic” to make sure that “pro-abortion groups are flush with cash.”

Smith said Americans who really want to reduce abortions need to take stock of the real Obama record: he has sent millions to the UNFPA, which promotes forced abortions in China, wants abortion in health care, and has clamped down on a conscience clause for pro-life medical professionals.

“I’ve never seen an administration so biased against little kids, ever,” he said.