Fred Barnes to Headline National Right to Life Convention

National   |   Luis Zaffirini   |   Apr 29, 2011   |   11:51AM   |   Washington, DC

The National Right to Life Convention is the annual meeting of the pro-life grassroots where we meet to get re-educated and re-energized for all the tremendous work we do togehter throughout the country to defend innocent human lives. This summer, the Convention is coming to Jacksonville, Florida.

From June 23 through 25, the premiere pro-life educational event in the nation gathers grassroots leaders and experts in a unique forum to share experience and ideas to truly impact America’s view on innocent human life. This theme for NRLC 2011 is “Bringing America Back to Life.”  

This year’s opening general session will feature Mr. Fred Barnes, editor of The Weekly Standard and a FOX News contributor.  He last spoke at the Prayer Breakfast at the 2006 Convention which took place in Nashville, Tennessee where he gave a rousing speech about the act of choosing life, how a person becomes pro-life and decides to be active in the movement.
To illustrate this, he gave examples of five pro-life heroes: Ronald Reagan, Henry Hyde, Ramesh Ponnuru, Wesley Smith, and himself. His main assertion was that most people do not want to consider abortion because it is a disturbing topic, but when people are in a situation where they must confront the truth about abortion, they choose to be pro-life.
In the two and half years since pro-abortion Barack Obama was elected President, the right-to-life movement has stepped up to the challenge and helped regain pro-life control of the U.S. House of Representatives and dozens of state legislatures. Thanks to all these gains, legislation like Nebraska’s “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act” is being passed in states across the map.
And America is more pro-life than ever. Our work together is paying off, and we are truly bringing America back to life through our network of state and local right-to-life efforts. That’s where you and the NRLC come together.
The National Right to Life Convention is a three-day intensive training for everyone interested in being a part of this effective grassroots network. It involves over 100 pro-life expert speakers, 70 workshops on a wide range of vital topics, an annual Prayer Breakfast, several General Session with speakers such as Fred Barnes, and a Closing Banquet.
To an unprecedented degree the debates taking place in state legislatures across the country about the unborn child’s ability to feel pain has thrust the face of the unborn baby into the debate. So many more minds and hearts are being changed thanks to this debate.
People are being confronted by the harsh reality of abortion and choosing life, all thanks to the pro-life leaders who gather at the National Right to Life Convention, and the grassroots activists who do so much of the hard work on the ground. That’s what makes this such an exciting and vital event!
If you are interested in getting updated on the vital pro-life issues, talking to experts, or simply meeting fellow pro-lifers, please join us.
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