NPR Runs Biased Story on Planned Parenthood, Seattle Pro-Life Billboard

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 15, 2011   |   7:28PM   |   Seattle, WA

In a biased NPR feature story yesterday, Planned Parenthood, Seattle took issue with Vitae Foundation’s billboards and website, falsely asserting they are “misleading.” 

KUOW reporter Meghan Walker never contacted Vitae for comment about the billboards or website even though Vitae always welcomes the opportunity to talk openly about its mission and messaging.

“Vitae recognizes that a pregnant woman desires comprehensive information about her options during her pregnancy.  Vitae values informed consumers and emphasizes life affirming resources available in their communities,” said Pia de Solenni, Seattle-based Vitae consultant in comments to “This is about the abortion industry trying to force a competing organization to state something in their advertising because they have a different viewpoint.  Starbucks does not insist that Tully’s advertising include certain language.  Why should Planned Parenthood expect special treatment?”

The abortion industry has been attempting to pass local ordinances that inhibit free speech and put restrictions on Pregnancy Help Centers and their advertising.  A similar ordinance that passed in Baltimore has already been ruled unconstitutional and New York City’s law is currently being challenged in the court system.

“There’s nothing controversial or misleading about this billboard.  It simply asks questions—‘I may be pregnant…what do I do? What did others do?’” de Solenni, stated.  “The website offers information and personal accounts so that women are better informed to make their own choices.”

The KOUW reporter interviewed Kristen Glundberg-Prossor, director of public affairs for Planned Parenthood in Seattle.  Sitting in Planned Parenthood’s office, they viewed Vitae’s website.  Glundberg-Prossor asserted, “This does not really seem to have all the options.  If abortion is one of the options, let me look here and see…”

Had the interview been accurate, the listener would have learned that does in fact list abortion as an option and provides extensive information about it.

Glundberg-Prossor added, “When we’re looking at this website we just want them to give full disclosure and be up front about what kind of information they’re going to provide.”  In fact, Vitae’s site clearly does states that “YourOptions does not promote abortion or link to abortion providers.”

“Women know where they can get an abortion,” de Solenni said.  “Vitae Foundation is committed to ensuring that women have a choice of services when facing an unplanned pregnancy, not simply the services from which Planned Parenthood financially benefits.  The Seattle community values and embraces diversity.  This same community supported Vitae’s local campaign.”