Planned Parenthood Paying for “Volunteers” to Lobby Congress

National   |   Thomas Peters   |   Apr 6, 2011   |   12:30PM   |   Washington, DC

Denise Hunnell spotted this posting in the jobs section of Craigslist-Washington DC this morning:

**Stop the Assault on Women’s Reproductive Rights!**$335-$535/wk (Dupont)

Typos aside, this is shocking that the pro-abortion machine has become so desperate for real flesh-and-bone supporters and activists that they are willing to pay people to do what pro-lifers volunteer to do.

The fact that this group is called “Grassroots Campaigns” is quite ironic, considering they are in the business of paying people to “spontaneously” support their cause. In politics we have a word for paying people to fake real supporters: Astroturfing.

But wait, it gets more interesting: this Thursday is Pro-Choice Lobby Day in Washington DC. They promise to “provide training” to people who show up. That’s smart, especially if the people who are showing up are being paid to lobby and don’t know this issue. Maybe the RSVP list looked too thin to the organizers and they decided they needed a little shot in the arm.

But wait, it gets more interesting: could Planned Parenthood be behind this? The advertisement above was uploaded under the name “PP DC CL” (“Planned Parenthood DC?”).

More to the point, if you visit the Grassroots Campaigns website you will meet Allie Diffendal. Allie is their Washington DC canvassing director. Here’s part of her bio:

Tired of writing newspaper articles and academic papers about the world’s problems, [Allie] traded in her pen for a clipboard and hit D.C.’s streets to get passersby invested in practical solutions. In just two swift months, she championed gay rights for the American Civil Liberties Union, fought for affordable healthcare and women’s legal right to choose with Planned Parenthood Federation of America

That last organization looks awfully familiar. It turns out Grassroots Campaigns has organized (and presumably hired) “volunteers” for Planned Parenthood in the past.

So, let’s recap: Mere days before a major pro-abortion Congressional lobbying day in Washington DC, an organization that has worked with Planned Parenthood before posts an advertisement named “PP DC CL” in a local Craigslist job section to hire people willing to “fight the anti-choice Congress.”

In other words, this very well may be yet another example of our tax dollars at work paying for Planned Parenthood to pay people to … get us to pay them with more of our tax dollars.

Sounds like another great example for why we need to expose and DEFUND Planned Parenthood. Note: Thomas Peters writes for American Papist, a blog at where this post originally appeared. It is reprinted with permission.