March for Life Belgium: Second Year, Double the Size

International   |   Bryam Kemper   |   Apr 1, 2011   |   6:26PM   |   Brussels, Belgium

Last year a group of students decided that the pro-life message needed  to be front and center in Brussels, Belgium.  There is a huge  significance to Brussels as it is also the European Capitol, hosting  the European Parliament and EU.
I was already going to be in Europe at the time of the march last  year, with a team from Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, when I got  the invitation to attend.  I was also honored with the opportunity to  speak at the march, an experience I will never forget.

Over the past year I have been working with the students in Belgium to  help build up for this year’s march and build the youth pro-life  movement in Belgium.  I have done two speaking tours around Belgium as  well as participated in surrounding marches in Germany and Holland.

This year I went with a team from Survivors and Pro-life Action League  a week early to speak and train young people around the country  leading up to the march.  We did not waste any time after arriving on  Monday, getting to our first talk that evening.

During the week we participated in the first-ever pro-life  demonstration outside of the University of Gent; it was an amazing  time of witnessing to students about life. We held a pro-life  demonstration outside of the European Parliament, holding life  development signs and distributing literature in the crowded square at 

While at another University town, Leuven, we were confronted by the  police for showing the life development signs at the downtown train station.  While it is perfectly legal, there was not much we could do,  as this police officer wanted us gone.  We took the signs and marched  through the town until we got to the center of the University where we  were giving our talks that night.

The day before the march we had a beautiful prayer vigil outside of an  abortion mill in Brussels, a new activity for them but one that is  growing. We had representatives from Youth Defence, HLI, Youth for  Life Belgium, Stand True, Survivors, and The Pro-life Action League  praying and singing together in five different languages.

On Sunday morning we woke up early to get a head start on the day and  prepare for the march.  We met near the Grand Place, the main square  of Brussels where the staging area for the beginning of the march  was.  Watching the crowd slowly build over the next few hours was  awesome, and seeing it double from last year brought joy to my heart.

Once again I was blown away at the response I received to my speeches  at the march. The people of Belgium were excited to hear the name of  Jesus proclaimed in streets and the pro-life message boldly preached.   I was also thrilled to see dozens of representatives from so many  nations on the stage standing with the people of Belgium.  This was  truly an united effort and young pro-lifers from Ireland, France,  Germany, America, Holland, Poland, Italy and many more nations stood  together to proclaim the message of life.

This year over 4,000 people took to the streets of Brussels and  marched through the center of the European Capitol in prayerful  silence.  While the march was done in silence, it spoke loud and clear  that the culture of death is in trouble.

The youth of not just Belgium but the world are waking up to the  holocaust that is plaguing our generation.  We are will not sit by and  allow for the destruction of another generation of our brothers and  sisters.  This generation will not cower; we will not back down and we  will lift our voices high until this genocide is stopped.

What we saw in Belgium is a reflection of what I am seeing all over  the world with the youth. I have seen groups of young people taking up  this cross everywhere and now they are starting to come together in a  united front that I believe will usher in a culture of life and bring  an end to abortion around the world.

There are four major international youth pro-life events happening  over the next year that you can be a part of and support.

August: Youth Defence of Ireland will be holding their annual Viva La Vida Youth Pro-life Conference in Spain during World Youth Day.

November: Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, Youth Defence, Stand  True and many other organizations will be part of the first  International Youth Pro-life Conference in California.

January: Students for Life of America will be hosting their annual  Student Pro-life Conference in Washington, DC, coinciding with the  American March for Life.

March: March for Life Belgium and youth pro-life training week.

You don’t have to be a student to stand behind the youth pro-life  movement, you just have to be young at heart and still believe we will  see and end to the abortion holocaust. You can stay informed on youth  pro-life work around the world by following my blog at