Romania Pro-Life March for Life Coming Up in Three Cities

International   |   Bogdan Stanciu   |   Mar 22, 2011   |   6:55PM   |   Bucharest, Romania

The provita movement in Romania is thriving in order to follow closely its more experienced colleagues from Western Europe; this year, for the first time, the “March for Life” will turn into a large scale event, scheduled for Saturday, 26th of March.

The marches will take place simultaneously in the capital city Bucharest and two other big Romanian cities, Timisoara and Satu Mare.

The slogan of this year’s “March for life” is “Say YES to life!”. The main message will be focused on making people aware of the need to protect the unborn life, in a country with a sad history on the matter. Romania has the highest abortion rate in the EU and the second highest in Europe.

Over 20 pro-vita and pro-family NGOs have joined their forces in organizing the march. The main organizers are: “Gift of Life” Association (RC Church – a Human Life International branch) and “Pro-vita Federation” (Christian-Orthodox Church).

For the first time, the march is a joint action of several religious cults. We seem to have found mutual understanding for overcoming the confessional differences, in a country mostly Orthodox, but still with some disagreements between cults.

After several isolated events organized in the past years,  mostly on the 1st of June, we understood that moving the date of the march closer to the holy day of Annunciation would prove beneficial, not only for joining the countries with a rich tradition in provita activity, but also for eliminating the confusion regarding the date of June, 1st, used as a means of propaganda and thus deprived of its original meaning, during Communist governance.

On this occasion there will be published a manifest addressed to the Romanian society and political parties, as well as to parliament members. Note: Bogdan I. Stanciu is the president and founder of Pro-vita Bucharest.