Wisconsin Billboard Exposes Planned Parenthood, Racial Abortions

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Mar 14, 2011   |   8:08PM   |   Madison, WI

A new pro-life billboard in the Madison, Wisconsin continued the campaign of those explaining how abortion has a key racial component because Planned Parenthood targets black women and children.

The Radiance Foundation, in partnership with Pro-Life Wisconsin, has launched its latest abortion awareness and pro-adoption themed campaign, entitled “Choice Kill$” and the billboard that is being displayed declares, “Choice Kill$ Those Without One: TooManyAborted.com.”

The first billboard is located in Madison, Wisconsin, just down the street from a Planned Parenthood clinic recently opened in a black and Hispanic neighborhood. The billboard/web campaign exposes how the nation’s largest abortion chain proves its staunch pro-abortion position to the near exclusion of any other choice, Ryan Bomberger of the Radiance Foundation tells LifeNews.com.

He notes that in its own 2009 Services Report, Planned Parenthood did 332,278 abortions, continuing an annual upward trend while only providing prenatal care to 7,021 women and making a mere 977 adoption referrals — or 340 abortions for every one adoption referral.

Bomberger, a transracial adoptee and an adoptive father who promotes life-affirming alternatives to abortion, said, ““Choice is a sham. What other nonprofit taxpayer-funded organization can publicly demonize more than half of Americans, fail to improve the reproductive health conditions they claim to address, yet escape any government oversight, media scrutiny, or financial repercussions because of their ineptness.”

“But it’s all intentional. They create a revolving door client base while profiting in the millions from the destruction of innocent lives. Ironically, abortion is their lifeblood,” she said of Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood received $363.2 million in taxpayers’ money, a third of its annual budget, regardless of its continued failure to affect the national “unintended” pregnancy rate,” Bomberger complains. According to the CDC, this rate has remained unchanged since 1995.

“Wisconsin’s Department of Health Services worked in close partnership with Planned Parenthood to develop and carry out their Healthiest Wisconsin 2010 plan. The initiative sought to significantly reduce “unintended” pregnancies, sexual intercourse among high school students, and the exponentially high STD/HIV rates,” he said of the abortion business. “They failed miserably on nearly every key goal. Despite this, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin was rewarded with $4.7 million more taxpayer dollars from the same department to develop the Healthiest Wisconsin 2020 plan that apparently does not require success to ensure funding.”

Bomberger says that, regardless of the race of the child killed in an abortion or the woman Planned Parenthood exploits, “choice is a destructive misnomer.”