As We Fight to De-Fund Abortion, Remember the Unborn Children

Opinion   |   Maura Butler   |   Mar 4, 2011   |   11:59AM   |   Washington, DC

The last few weeks have been a flurry with pro-life activity in Washington, D.C.  The No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act has been passed around for various procedural votes. 

The Continuing Resolution’s Pence Amendment would deny all taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood through September and is being hotly debated.  Feathers have been ruffled and words exchanged to support or lambaste Members of Congress on how they’re voting or even why abortion legislation is on the docket. 

But amidst all the back and forth, the procedural votes, votes in the House versus votes in the Senate, and bills going into and out of committee, we can’t forget about the babies.  Not that we do; but sometimes it gets easy to get mired in the everyday battle.  Praying at the Vigil for Victims on Valentine’s Day a few weeks ago, I stood with my children on the fringes of the main group.  I couldn’t hear the speakers very well so decided to pray silently on the sidewalk.  A man riding his bicycle pulled over next to me and shouted, “It’s ridiculous that you want the government in my bedroom.”

It didn’t seem appropriate to interrupt my prayer and argue with this man.  His exclamation did not make much sense since we were there trying to get the government out of Planned Parenthood – to remove taxpayer dollars from the equation thus stopping the remote and compulsory cooperation in the evil of abortion by every taxpaying American citizen.

Other passersby would shake their heads and comment, “You people are sad.”  Yes, we are – sad for the lives lost, sad for the wounded mothers, sad for the broken families.  One particularly angry gentleman yelled, “You disgust me.  I can’t believe you people.” 

The strange reality is that right now, at this moment in history, all we are asking is that we don’t have to pay for it.  That’s it.  We’re not trying to shut anyone down.  We’re not demanding a woman see an ultrasound of her baby before she goes through with an abortion.  We’re not saying abortion should be illegal across the board after the first few weeks of pregnancy or illegal period.  We just don’t want to pay for it.  That’s it.  Plain and simple.

So why the anger?  Why the shouts and disgust on their faces?  My only guess is that these people, the outspoken and the head shakers have at some time in their lives been touched by the evil and devastation of abortion.  They are so vehemently pro-abortion in order to justify their past decisions, their loss.

But haven’t we all been touched by the horrors of abortion?  If only remotely, it affects us all.  The co-worker that took a few days off work and confided in you a few months later, the boyfriend who promised his support but was told he didn’t have a say because it wasn’t his body, the distant cousin who was afraid to raise a child with special needs – we know the heartbreaking stories because we’ve experienced them ourselves.

Each life is vital.  One life saved changes the world.  So when we focus on this or that bill, when we plan town hall meetings or get out the vote efforts, let us never forget for whom we fight.