Planned Parenthood Spending 200K on Ads for Taxpayer-Funding

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 28, 2011   |   12:47PM   |   Washington, DC

The Planned Parenthood abortion business is rolling out a new television commercial designed to persuade members of the Senate to support the continuation of its taxpayer funding.

The $200,000 ad buy includes commercial spots that will run on cable television, plus network TV and radio in the District of Columbia. The ads are a response to the House vote for the Pence amendment to ensure the Planned Parenthood abortion business and its affiliates are not eligible for any federal taxpayer dollars across any federal programs or departments.

The Senate is also considering a continuing resolution and could vote on an amendment that would also cut off funding, though pro-life advocates are expected to have a much harder time in the Senate than they did in the House in getting the amendment approved, thanks to pro-abortion Senate Democrats having a majority control over the chamber.

The new Planned Parenthood commercial features Carolyn Smithers, a woman who says she was diagnosed early at a Planned Parenthood facility with cervical cancer. The goal is to emphasize the non-abortion services Planned Parenthood offers — even though the abortion business has been exposed by its falsely touting mammograms as a potential service for women, despite not actually offering mammograms at any of its centers.

Jim Geraghty, a writer at the conservative National Review publication, responds to the new ad: “You know, folks, if you can afford to spend $200,000 on television ads, maybe you don’t need all of that federal funding.”

The ad, which has only been viewed 161 times on YouTube, has Smithers sharing her story on camera with text overlay saying Planned Parenthood has done 830,000 breast exams and 1 million cancer screenings — even though abortions increase the risk of breast cancer and have resulted in the deaths of more than 300,000 women from breast cancer since the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973.

The ad also says Planned Parenthood has done 500,000 HIV tests — but it came under fire recently for suggesting that a man with an STD give blood.

Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood’s own new report indicates it did more abortions in 2009 than it has done in any prior year.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America recently posted on its website what it calls its service numbers for 2009. This document, dated February 2011, shows Planned Parenthood affiliates nationwide did 332,278 surgical abortions or abortions using the dangerous RU 486 abortion during in 2009.

That’s 2.5 percent more abortions than the September 2010 report the abortion business released covering 2008 and showing it doing 324,008 abortions, which was a 6.1 percent increase over the 305,310 abortions it did in 2007. The 2007 figure was itself a 5.3 percent increase over the 289,750 abortions Planned Parenthood did in 2006.

With approximately 1.2 million abortions done annually in the United States via surgical abortions or the mifepristone abortion drug, Planned Parenthood has increased its share of the abortion industry to 27.6 percent of all abortions done annually.

The new document the abortion organization posted shows Planned Parenthood provided prenatal services to merely 7,021 women and referred only 977 women for adoption services. These numbers were a 25 percent drop in prenatal care clients and a whopping 59 percent decline in adoption referrals from the 2,405 adoption referrals in 2008. The abortion business helped only 9,433 prenatal clients in 2008, down substantially from the 11,000 women it provided prenatal care to in 2007 — showing health care given to pregnant woman has fallen substantially over the years.

As a result, 97.6 percent of pregnant women going to Planned Parenthood are sold abortions while less than 2.4 percent of pregnant women received non-abortion services including adoption and prenatal care. That’s up from 96.5 percent of pregnant women going to Planned Parenthood getting abortions in 2008.

Planned Parenthood has been on the receiving end of significant negative publicity related to undercover videos showing its officials helping investigators posing as sex traffickers obtain abortions and STD testing for underage girls who are victims of the sex trade.