House Actress Lisa Edelstein Does Pro-Abortion MoveOn Ad

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 16, 2011   |   1:04PM   |   Washington, DC

Lisa Edelstein, who currently stars as Dr. Lisa Cuddy on the television drama House, has recorded a new television ad for the George Soros-funded, a liberal pro-abortion activist group, targeting pro-life legislation.

The new ad is meant to oppose congressional efforts to stop taxpayer funding for abortions and to de-fund the Planned Parenthood abortion business.

“Why is the G.O.P. trying to send women back – to the back alley,” Edelstein asks in the television ad launched today at the liberal group’s web site.

In the commercial, Edelstein dons 1950s-era clothing and walks down a hallway with tile flooring of the same period, apparently seeking an abortion. She walks nervously towards a hallway where a single coat hanger dangles.

“Decades ago, women suffered through horrifying back alley abortions. Or, they used dangerous methods when they had no other recourse,” the actress says.  “So when the Republican Party launched an all out assault on women’s health pushing bills to limit access to vital services, why is the GOP trying to send women back… to the back alley?”

The actress, who has previously volunteered at Planned Parenthood, told the celebrity web site Radar why she decided to make the commercial.

“I decided to do this ad because I believe that every woman needs to know the grave danger that women’s reproductive rights are facing in Congress right now,” she said. “I hope that women across America tell Congress that these bills are an attack on women’s health and that they are unacceptable.”

The ad will run on national cable and the Oxygen network for a week.

The concept behind the ad is the symbol of the coat hanger abortion activists use to make it appear women will resort to illegal back-alley abortions that will claim their lives or injure them. The images are normally reserved for abortion bans, but the new commercial employs the concept against legislation only focusing on stopping taxpayer funding of abortions — which most polls show has the support of most Americans.

In fact, Devonia Smith responds to the new ad in an article on The Examiner and says it’s merely a scare tactic.

“As stark as the Move on ad is, both pro-abortion and pro-life advocates, know that it is a fear tactic only – abortion is legal and would remain legal and available,” she says. “Pro-life advocates are not moved to fear by the sight of an ordinary coat hanger nor  the stricken face of an actress in an ad paid for by Pro-life advocates find the very idea that there would be 50 million coat hanger abortions if funding was cut off to Planned Parenthood tomorrow – ludicrous. None of these measures would change Roe vs Wade. Abortion would remain legal but would not be funded by taxpayer dollars.”

While the coat-hanger imagery still has an effect on the most hardcore abortion advocates, one former NARAL leader, Dr. Bernard Nathanason, readily admitted that the numbers of illegal abortions and women dying from them from using coat hangers were largely made up to attract national attention. Despite abortion’s legalization, women continue to die from and are injured by abortions.

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