Planned Parenthood Tried to Force Raped Teen to Have Abortion

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 14, 2011   |   12:18PM   |   Kennewick, WA

On the heels of a slate of new videos showing Planned Parenthood centers in three states and Washington, D.C. assisting alleged sex traffickers in getting abortions for underage girls, a new report shows problems at a Washington state abortion business.

A newly-uncovered police report concerning a September 2008 incident reveals staff at a Kennewick, Washington Planned Parenthood doing everything possible to arrange an abortion for a 14-year-old girl who had been a victim of statutory rape by a 20-year-old man. The staff also try to keep the young girl at the Planned Parenthood center against her father’s will.

The blog site Abortion in Washington has recently obtained a copy of the September 2008 police report detailing how Planned Parenthood employee Andrea Smasne holds a 22-week pregnant young girl at the Planned Parenthood center and refuses her father’s request to return her so he could take her home.

The unnamed girl had arrived at the Planned Parenthood with her father and sister but did not want her father at the abortion center with her because she was worried about him being upset with her over the pregnancy. Meanwhile, the unnamed man who impregnated the girl was en route to the Planned Parenthood center — which apparently prompted the father to want to take his daughter home and cancel the appointment to avoid a confrontation.

The police report indicates Smasne informs the young girl she can’t get an abortion there and would have to receive a referral to a Seattle abortion center to complete the late-term abortion. She holds the young girl to complete the referral even though the girl’s father requests that she be released he can take her home.  When the police arrive, Smasne even disobeys the police officer’s order to return the girl to her father, telling him that “once a minor child is pregnant she is emancipated.”

“I then asked Smasne how old the patient was. She advised the female patient [was 14-years-old],” the officer writes in the report. “I then asked why they would tell the father he had to leave if his juvenile age daughter was there. At that point Smasne stated that once the juvenile is pregnant, the juvenile is emancipated, and further stated the father had no right to be present if the patient did not want him there.”

However, the officer contacts City Attorney Eric Eisinger who explains state law and says the young girl is not emancipated and that the father has a right to take her home.

“Based on his research, a juvenile is not emancipated simply by becoming pregnant,” the officer indicates. “He stated becoming emancipated required a court process. Eisinger further advised that unless employees of Planned Parenthood provided documentation from the court indicating that [redacted] is/was emancipated, [redacted] would be required to go with her father [redacted]. I was also advised, if employees at Planned Parenthood could not provided the documentation and did not allow access to [redacted] to send her with father, I should proceed with a criminal investigation against the involved employees citing Custodial Interference Section 26.28 as the charge.”

The officer eventually returns to the abortion center to make his point with Planned Parenthood staff and requests to speak with the young girl. He talks with her for over half an hour about her situation and says Planned Parenthood staff continuously walk by the room in which he and the young girl are discussing matters in order to attempt to eavesdrop on the conversation.

Mary Emanuel, of the Abortion in Washington web site obtaining the report, comments on the police report her web site obtained.

“As the Planned Parenthood employee Smasne defies the officer and attempts to hang on to the girl despite the officer’s explanation of the law, Smasne seems determined to make sure a 22-week old baby is aborted, ignoring the officer until her referral is completed,” she says. ” To be clear, this woman disobeys a direct, lawful order from a police officer to do everything she can to ensure a 22-week-old unborn baby is aborted. That is how hell-bent on killing babies they are at Planned Parenthood.”

“Please note that the father of the baby was 20 years old. After the officer informs Smasne of this fact, she retorts that the girl’s father “did not have rights in this matter” because “according to the legal staff of Planned Parenthood” the girl was ’emancipated,'” she adds.

Emanuel says, “Parents need to take note of Custodial Interference Section 26.28 and be prepared to use it with Planned Parenthood employees in the event their children are ever in the same situation as this same young girl. Employees of Planned Parenthood cannot interfere in the rights of parents.”

“These actions by the Kennewick Planned Parenthood are systemic of the abortion industry and part of a nationwide problem that has been so well documented by Live Action. We hope everyone has seen the their undercover videos showing the facilitation of under-age sex trafficking by Planned Parenthood and also the pattern of failure to report statutory rape and covering up for men who have sex with under-age girls who come into Planned Parenthood clinics,” she says.

The young girl eventually left with her father and the girl did not sign the referral form Planned Parenthood attempted to give her for an abortion in Seattle.