Failed Abortion Injures Woman at Missouri Planned Parenthood

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 14, 2011   |   2:29PM   |   St. Louis, MO

In breaking news from over the weekend, there is concern a woman may have been severely injured in a failed abortion conducted at a Planned Parenthood abortion facility in St. Louis, Missouri.

Local pro-life advocates snapped pictures of an ambulance arriving at the St. Louis Planned Parenthood and a woman on a gurney placed in the back of the emergency vehicle and taken to a local hospital. The woman’s head was covered and her body was motionless — leading pro-life advocates to believe the abortion may have claimed her life.

The emergency responders who rushed to the Planned Parenthood on Saturday morning quickly drove the unnamed woman to the emergency room at Barnes-Jewish-Christian Hospital.

Marty Bennet, a pro-life advocate who frequently goes to the Planned Parenthood to provide women with information about abortion alternatives, took over a dozen photos of the incident as the woman was wheeled out the clinic and into an awaiting ambulance. The photos showing the woman’s head covered also revealed no IV bag or any other sign of ongoing emergency care. There was also no evidence, Bennet said, that Planned Parenthood officials accompanied the woman to the hospital.

According to Bennet, he left a note offering assistance on the vehicle that accompanied the ambulance to the hospital. Later, the husband of the botched abortion victim contacted him to thank him for his concerns and indicated his wife is in stable condition.

“From June 2009 until April 2010, nine ambulances have been at Planned Parenthood and each time a client was transported to Barnes Hospital,” said Bennet in a written statement. “Is this safe medical care?”

Operation Rescue president Troy Newman provided with information concerning the botched abortion and said it is ironic that the information is made public on a day when pro-life advocates are attending vigils at more than 130 Planned Parenthood abortion centers demanding an ending to governmental financing of the abortion business with taxpayer funds.

“This incident in St. Louis only underscores the dangers of abortion mills in America, which all too often operate without accountability or oversight,” he said.  “Our tax money should not be used to prop up shady and dangerous abortion businesses that prey on the vulnerable and act as if they are above the law.”

“There is no doubt that Planned Parenthood makes huge amounts of money providing services that endanger women,” said Newman. “It’s time for Americans to stop further lining their pockets with our hard-earned tax dollars.”