Hawaii Choose Life License Plate in Jeopardy, Needs Sales

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 11, 2011   |   9:40AM   |   Honolulu, HI

The Hawaii Choose Life license late is in jeopardy and is in danger of being discontinued unless pro-life motorists on the island purchase another 50 of the license plates, which are similar to those approved initially in Florida and other states.

The license plates have raised millions of dollars across the nation for adoption effort and programs to help pregnant women find abortion alternatives.

But Steve Holck, the president and founder of Aloha Pregnancy Care & Counseling Centers, says the Choose Life license plate program could be cancelled at the end of the month.

“We have the month of February to get 50 more Pro-Life Friends to put this plate on their vehicles on any island,” he explains. “If we do not hit our goal, the Dept. of Motor Vehicles will cancel our Hawaii Choose Life Plate. This will be the first plate to be canceled nationwide because of non participation at a very minimal level.”

“There are over 1.1 million vehicles registered in Hawaii. Over 500,000 belong to Christians,” Holck says. “We only have 100 plates on the road. Remember, Hawaii kills over 300 babies every month, and these plates save babies.”

“Please help get the word out, and freely forward this information to your full email list, and distribute to your churches,” the pregnancy center leader said. “Let’s show Hawaii that we care about our babies.”

Holck has offered to pay for the fifty plates and anyone who wants a Choose Life license plate can contact him through the pregnancy center.

Contact Barbara Hester, at the Aloha Pregnancy Care & Counseling Center 808 234-7233 to learn how to get the Choose Life plate for your vehicle. The funds are shared with all three Pregnancy Centers in Hawaii.