Donald Trump Generates Presidential Buzz, Says He’s Pro-Life

Politics   |   Andrew Bair   |   Feb 10, 2011   |   4:00PM   |   Washington, DC

In a surprise move today, business mogul Donald Trump addressed the 2011 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), a convention largely seen as a springboard for Republican presidential campaigns. Trump generated significant residential buzz with his appearance today, inspiring hopes for some for the ultimate dark horse campaign.

While his business credentials are well known, pro-life advocates want to know where “The Donald” stands on the right to life. A few months ago, when questioned about his position, Trump responded by saying the public “would be surprised” by his stance.

In an interview this past week with Laura Ingraham from Fox News, Trump characterized himself as “pro-life.” In his 2000 book The America We Deserve, Trump wrote,  “I support a woman’s right to choose but I am uncomfortable with the procedures.” But, in an apparant reversal, he told the audience at CPAC, “I am pro-life” and pledged to fight for the reversal of Obamacare, which contains abortion funding loopholes.

As the 2012 race intensifies, pro-life advocates must call upon Donald Trump to further explain his stand on important pro-life issues like Supreme Court nominations and repeal of the pro-abortion Obama healthcare law.

A year away from the first primary contests, some Republicans are dissatisfied with the current list of potential presidential candidates. With no clear front-runner at this point, a candidacy by Donald Trump could be appealing for some.

Challenging President Obama in 2012 will be a tall order and picking the right candidate will be essential. Trump’s star power would certainly give him a leg-up against many of the other potential candidates in the field.

Other potential presidential candidates including Rep. Michele Bachmann, Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Gov. Haley Barbour, Sen. John Thune and Gov. Mitt Romney will also address CPAC this weekend.