Planned Parenthood Exec Blasts Videos He Hasn’t Watched

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 8, 2011   |   4:18PM   |   New York, NY

A top Planned Parenthood executive who has been the leading public spokesman responding to a slew of videos showing the abortion business helping sex traffickers admitted today he’s not watched the videos he’s condemned.

The embarrassing moment for Planned Parenthood follows the Tuesday release of new footage of a New York City abortion center going further than centers in New Jersey and Virginia in helping alleged sexual traffickers.

While staff at the Planned Parenthood centers in other states offered to arrange abortions or STD testing for the sex traffickers and guided them in how to keep the actions from authorities, staff in New York tell the Undercover “pimp” he can pose as a guardian to get discounts for his underage sex workers. The abortion center staff assure him they will  see underage girls as young as 13 who have been victimized by the sex traffickers.

Jesse Watters the producer for the Fox News program O’Reilly Factor, confronted Planned Parenthood Vice President for Communications Stuart Schear in New York City Tuesday morning and got him to admit he’s not seen the tapes.

“We firmly believe that the edited .. that the tape from the Bronx is doctored,” Schear says.

“But you haven’t seen the tape yet, have you?” O’Reilly Factor producer Jesse Watters asks.

“I would like to…” he begins to respond. Sensing an admission is not forthcoming, Watters presses:  “Have you seen the tape?”

“I actually have not seen the full tape yet,” he admits.

Meanwhile, a statement from Planned Parenthood of New York City also tries to deny the validity of the video footage from the undercover investigation Live Action conducted.

“Unlike other publicized tapes, the hoax patients in New York were not able to get beyond the reception desk for private consultation,” the statement says. “Had the teens in question come into our center, they would have met with a licensed social worker. All teens coming into Planned Parenthood of New York City are screened for child abuse and neglect.”

“Planned Parenthood’s story keeps changing,” Live Action president Lila Rose responded. “First they attacked Live Action – while admitting guilt and firing their New Jersey manager. Then they defended their Virginia staff saying they acted ‘professionally’ and claiming that they ‘offer excellent training to our staff.’ They even went so far as to say ‘there is no training that could prevent this from happening’ on national television.”

“Live Action’s investigation has uncovered a serious, institutional crisis in which Planned Parenthood is willing to aid and abet sex trafficking and exploitation of minors and young women,” she said.

Planned Parenthood said Monday it will retrain employees who deal publicly with patients on how to report potential illegal activities — which Rose said is a clear admission the abortion business engaged in covering them up and is admitting its guilt.