Fox News Covers Planned Parenthood Sex Trafficking Videos, Networks AWOL

National   |   Matthew Balan   |   Feb 6, 2011   |   6:12PM   |   Washington, DC

On Wednesday’s O’Reilly Factor, guest host Laura Ingraham devoted two segments to Lila Rose’s latest undercover video showing how Planned Parenthood aiding and abetting the covering up of sex crimes. During the first segment, Ingraham interviewed the pro-life activist. The conservative talker then debated Fox News contributor Jehmu Greene, who defended Planned Parenthood.

On the other hand, the Big Three networks’ prominent morning and evening news programs have yet to cover the secret videos.

The guest host’s two segments on the controversy came just before and after the bottom of the 8 pm Eastern hour. After playing a 30-second video clip from the undercover video, Ingraham turned to Rose and noted Planned Parenthood’s claim that the video only showed an “employee gone bad.”

The activist replied that Planned Parenthood’s complicity was much broader (see the entire interview of Lila Rose here):

ROSE: Planned Parenthood claims that they made reports. But that was only after, and they say this themselves, they became suspicious that it was Live Action doing the investigation. What we have documented, Laura, is across the board. We have been documenting this for years now. They cover up- institutionally, Planned Parenthood is covering up the sexual abuse of minors and now it goes as far as aiding and abetting a prostitution ring.

In fact, on Thursday, Rose’s organization, Live Action Films, released video taken at a second undercover sting in Richmond, Virginia.

Later in the segment, Ingraham asked the activist what her goal was in shooting these videos, just as CNN’s Brooke Baldwin did on Wednesday:

ROSE: I think that they bottom line with the feds is they’re [Planned Parenthood is] claiming that Live Action went into their clinics and they’re saying, how dare they? You know, they’re making it about us.

INGRAHAM: Yeah, it’s- these headlines in the Washington Post and the New York Times does focus on you guys, and you’re doing- you’re releasing these hidden videotapes, and you, Lila Rose, are behind this attempt to shut down abortion in the United States. Is that your goal to stop all abortions in the United States, if you could?

ROSE: One of the goals is to end abortion. I believe it’s the greatest human rights abuse of our time, and we need to protect the innocent unborn children of our nation. They’re citizens too. But part of this too is that the other victim of abortion is these mothers- some of them very young mothers- who are abused sexually. And so we’re turning the focus there, and the response of Planned Parenthood is to cover up the cover up- just continue to try to get the truth to- stop being told.

After a commercial break, Ingraham sparred with Greene, who not only went after Rose furiously, but tried to change the subject by making it about the guest host herself (audio clips available here):

GREENE: …As probably many of your girlfriends are aware, and Lila’s girlfriends are aware, Planned Parenthood is a valuable health care provider for millions of American women in this country, across 820 health centers. I don’t think it is fair to point to the actions of one employee, who was swiftly fired when these allegations came up, and compare that to the tens of thousands of Planned Parenthood employees that provide mammograms, that provide birth-control advice-


GREENE: You know the average person who goes-

INGRAHAM: Why are you failing to mention what they do? But why do you start with mammograms and birth control, when the money that they make is overwhelmingly from either the federal government- you and me- or from the abortion procedures?

GREENE: Well, Laura, here’s the thing. Here’s the fact-

INGRAHAM: So, yeah they do all these other things, absolutely. They make all their money from abortion. If it weren’t for abortion, they would not have what is almost a billion-dollar-a-year budget, a third of which comes from the taxpayers.

GREENE: Laura, here is the reality: the average person who walks into a Planned Parenthood health-care center is a young woman who does not have health insurance, and she needs birth control, and that’s where so many of their services are focused. I can remember when I was in school, my friends who relied on Planned Parenthood centers as really their only source of health care, and we can’t deny that- that valuable role and that trusted relationship that they have with their communities, with their patients and with their families-

INGRAHAM: Well, how- yeah-

GREENE: And what Lila and her organization are doing- we have to call this what it is- they are trying to have the-

INGRAHAM: Investigative reporting-

GREENE: No. They’re trying to have the biggest government intrusion ever into a woman’s decision between her, her family, and a doctor about a medical decision-

INGRAHAM: Well- and the American taxpayer- yeah-

GREENE: That’s their bottom line, is to attack Planned Parenthood, to-

INGRAHAM: Why does the American taxpayer pay $360 million to Planned Parenthood, when it makes hundreds of millions off the abortion procedure? Why?

GREENE: Not one penny- Laura, not one penny of tax dollars goes to abortions. Now, I’m confused as to why a young woman who is so passionate, who is so, so passionate about people who are-

INGRAHAM: It’s all in one pot, Jehmu. It’s all in one pot. Why should they get the money?

GREENE: Young women who are being sexually assaulted- if she was seriously going after women who were being sexually assaulted, then I think you and Lila would actually join a really important campaign right now where Congress has made it their third policy priority-

INGRAHAM: Do you think 14-year-old girls should be able to go into Planned Parenthood and get abortions? Do you?

GREENE: No, this is important, Laura. This is important. Congress right now is trying to redefine what rape is, and they would make it where rape is not- actually, where statutory rape is not defined as rape-

INGRAHAM: Oh yeah- this is always the argument- yeah.

GREENE: And that is something that I think, if you really care about young women being sexually assaulted, then join the ‘Dear John’ campaign.

Laura is right. The pro-abortion left would have you believe that denying federal funds to abortion procedures in most instances is “redefining rape” and that protecting the rights of the unborn is the “biggest government intrusion ever.”