Don’t Ignore Study Showing Colleges Fund Abortions in Health Care

Opinion   |   Kristan Hawkins   |   Feb 4, 2011   |   4:47PM   |   Washington, DC

Students for Life of America has released a new University Health Care Study of the 200 largest univerisities in the U.S.

SFLA found 194 colleges and universities offered a school sponsored health care plan. 86 of the 194 schools sponsored plans covered elective abortions and 38 of the 86 schools automatically enrolled their students in a school sponsored aborton health care plan.

SFLA conducted the investigation after we discovered the pro-abortion policies of the University of North Carolina (UNC) System. In August, SFLA was notified that the UNC System mandated students to have health care to attend the University and automatically placed their plan on students’ bill, which covered elective abortions. Not only were we outraged that the UNC System considers abortion part of health care, but more importantly, they were forcing pro-life students to pay for their peer’s abortions

Secretly placing abortion into student health care plans is not how we should be approaching education. Institutionalizing abortion in our health care system and in our higher education system is outrageous and cannot be permitted to continue.

What is more shocking, is that universities that place their abortion health care under the “total cost of attendance,” like the UNC System, may be using federal funds to cover student abortions.

When the Department of Education considers a student for a federal grant, they consider their parent’s income, the student’s income, and the “total cost of attendance” for the university in order to calculate the amount the student is eligible to receive from the federal government. Because the abortion health care plan is covered under “total cost of attendance,” this increases the student’s eligibility for federal grants, and allows the money from the grant to cover their health care under the “total cost of attendance.” The federal funding of abortions through federal education grants directly violates the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits taxpayer funding of abortions.

Students for Life decided to see how many other universities had similar policies to the UNC system and how many covered elective abortion in their health care plans. We then launched a four month investigation of the largest 200 universities in the U.S. to see if they a) if they required health care, b) if they automatically charged the students for the health care plan, c) if the school sponsored a health care plan, and d) if the school sponsored plan covered elective abortions.

This study will have a major impact on college and university campuses across the country. The pro-abortion policies of many campuses are finally out in public and their Administrations will have to answer to students, parents, and alumni as to why they are promoting a pro-abortion agenda on campus.

Pro-abortion advocates have successfully bypassed the voters and legislatures to insert pro-abortion language into student health care policies. The Obama Administration, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi rammed pro-abortion Obamacare through the US Congress, but colleges and universities have been doing it secretly for years.

We must take abortion out of these institutions immediately. Abortion is not health care and should never be a pre-requisite for learning.

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