Planned Parenthood Attacks Videos of Sex Trafficking Coverup

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 3, 2011   |   2:30PM   |   Washington, DC

In a CNN interview yesterday, Stuart Schear, Planned Parenthood’s vice president of communication, refused to appear on the program with Live Action president Lila Rose to discuss the new expose’ videos her group revealed.

The videos showed Planned Parenthood engaging in a coverup of sexual trafficking by not showing any alarm over the illegal activities of two sex traffickers forcing young girls to have sex and obtaining abortions for them when pregnant. Instead, the abortion business guides them through obtaining STD testing and getting abortions without parental involvement.

During the CNN interview, Planned Parenthood aggressively attacked Rose and her group rather than explain why its employees would assist sex traffickers.

“One last point, which is that the organization that is coming in and secretly taping within Planned Parenthood health centers- they are not concerned about women and they’re not concerned about abused young girls,” he claimed. “They have a very extreme political agenda, which is to outlaw abortion for all women in the United States, and to take the constitutional right away, and they are working with other groups to make sure that federal funds … are taken away.”

“The main point is that Live Action is an extreme political group. Their goal is to take away health care from women, to end legal abortion in the United States. They’re targeting Planned Parenthood. They are not concerned about our patients,” he added.

Schear also tried to make it appear that Planned Parenthood employees get excellent training, but admitted he didn’t know why some of its employees — including a New Jersey staffer fired for aiding the sex traffickers — would help cover up child prostitution.

“Well, first of all, our employees got- get a very serious message. When someone does not comply with our high standards of care, there’s zero tolerance and they’re fired. That’s as clear a message as you can deliver. Planned Parenthood’s staff are highly trained. We have highly-trained physicians, nurses, and other health professionals, and when any one of our staff doesn’t meet our high standards, they are terminated,” he claimed. “This was a complete breakdown in judgment. We don’t understand what happened with this employee, but her behavior was completely not in keeping with how we handle health care, and she was terminated.”

Schear denied there are systemic problems at Planned Parenthood even though several clinics have been videoed aiding sex traffickers.

But Lila Rose, who appeared on the segment before Schear, says her group, both Planned Parenthood, is concerned about young girls.

“The end game is protecting young girls across the country from an abuse cover-up that goes on at these clinics. And to set the record straight, Planned Parenthood fired their employee yesterday, the same one that they claimed- although we haven’t seen evidence of the claims- the same one that they claimed reported the incident,” she said.

“It’s very clear. Watch the footage for yourself and see it for yourself. It’s very clear that this manager is intent on giving the pimp and the abusers advice on how the girls can do sexual acts. She’s working to fudge the paperwork. They are aiding and abetting this abuser, and Planned Parenthood- even though they’re claiming they reported it- went ahead and fired their employee yesterday,” Rose added. “So it’s clear that there’s a lot of abuse cover-up going on, and you can look at the videos over the past three years, that show this again and again.”

“Our goal is to expose the abuse cover-up, the corruption, the illicit activity going on every day in abortion clinics- Planned Parenthood clinics- across the country that are being tax funded, and we believe strongly that the American people are sick of this. These clinics will be defunded and they need to be held accountable, to protect young girls and to protect women,” she said.