Kansas Landlord Sues to Stop New Abortion Practitioner

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 3, 2011   |   1:19PM   |   Wichita, KS

A landlord has filed a lawsuit seeking to stop a new abortion practitioner from setting up shop in Wichita, Kansas to replace late-term abortion practitioner George Tiller.

Mila Means has reportedly purchased abortion equipment from the now-closed Women’s Health Care Services formerly operated by Tiller and plans to begin doing abortions on Saturdays at her medical office near East Harry and Webb Road in Wichita.

A large group of local pro-life advocates have already protested the opening of a new abortion business and pro-life groups have exposed very recent and troubling personal problems of Means and Gregory Linhardt, who is also planning to do abortions in the large central Kansas city.

Now, Foliage Development, Inc., landlord of a local business park, has sued Means and obtained a temporary order blocking her from starting a new abortion business in her current office. Means is currently in training once a month at Aid for Women abortion center in Kansas City to learn how to do abortions.

According to the suit, Means contacted the landlord for her office located at 9916 E. Harry, Suite 105 in Wichita and told of her intent to begin offering abortions on Saturdays starting sometime later this year. The landlord indicated to her at that time that she could not do so because it would violate provisions of her contract that prohibit causing a nuisance. Means indicated that she would proceed with her abortion plans despite objections.

Operation Rescue, a national pro-life group located in Wichita that provided LifeNews.com with the information about the lawsuit, indicates Foliage then filed suit and was granted a temporary restraining order Friday against Means until a full hearing can be held. The hearing is scheduled for February 15 and pro-life advocates, including OR president Troy Newman, are scheduled to testify about plans to stage continued protests in the event that Means should begin abortions at any location.

“Whoever thinks they can set up an abortion business in Wichita has seriously underestimated the resolve of this community to remain abortion free,” said Newman. “All peaceful and legal means will be used to prevent the further loss of innocent life by abortion in a community that is more than weary of it.”

Operation Rescue has also expressed concerns that an abortion business operated by Means would be a danger to the public. She was disciplined by the Kansas Board of Healing Arts in 2007 for having an inappropriate relationship with a patient and for undisclosed offenses that were sexual in nature. She is also in tremendous debt and has on file an order from one creditor to garnish her wages.

Mila Means, also known as Mila Holmes, is no stranger to professional trouble.

In April 2007, Means was disciplined by the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts for unprofessional conduct by having an improper personal relationship with one of her patients who had previously been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She eventually married him, but continued a doctor-patient relationship with him and other members of his immediate family. While some of Means’ disciplinary record has been redacted, it appears in context to refer to offenses that were sexual in nature.

Means has had documented problems with setting personal boundaries with patients and has misused psychiatry in her family practice. This conduct is troubling, especially for someone providing such an intimate and emotional service such as abortion.

But Means problems do not stop there. Court records show that Means has defaulted on at least two credit cards to the tune of almost $30,000, which has led to the garnishment of her wages. She has also been sued for her part of the debt in a failed medical business.*

So cash-strapped is Means that she reportedly purchased older, used abortion equipment from the now-closed Women’s Health Care Services, a defunct abortion clinic once operated by late-term abortionist George Tiller. She plans to eventually use this equipment to conduct her own abortion business.

Newman says three tenants leasing space in the same business park have threatened to move if abortions are done there, indicating that it and the ensuing public protests would present an unacceptable disruption to their businesses.

About Linhardt, Newman says the anesthesiologist, who is also training in Kansas City to do abortions, is considering opening his own abortion center separate from Means, but his plans about when and where that location will open are less clear.

Records show that he once worked for the same medical group as his former wife, who is also an anesthesiologist. Linhardt was arrested and jailed ten months ago for violating a protective order that was sought by his ex-wife, who appears to have remarried. Linhardt does not appear to currently have regular employment outside his abortion work at Aid for Women in Kansas City, Kansas, where he is supposedly “in training.”

Linhardt’s personal relationship problems are far from uncommon among abortionists. In an extreme example, Oklahoma abortionist John Baxter Hamilton had stormy relationship with his wife, Susan, who worked with him at his abortion clinic. On Valentine’s Day, 2001, Hamilton went home and bludgeoned his wife to death with such ferocity that autopsy photos of Susan’s beaten body brought jurors to tears.