Kansas: Brownback Administration Offers Unborn Protection

State   |   Kathy Ostrowski   |   Jan 27, 2011   |   7:20PM   |   Topeka, KS

For 13 years, the Kansas law banning abortions of viable unborn children has been thwarted by abortionists and the state Health department. With a new pro-life governor and pro-life dominated House, however, that situation is about to end.

Gov. Sam Brownback’s new Health (KDHE) Secretary, Dr. Robert Moser, told the Associated Press Monday that his department’s interpretation of a law requiring physicians to file late-term abortion reports is different than how the law has been enforced in the past.

Moser said doctors must spell out the medical reasons. “It’s pretty straightforward,” he said. “We’re not looking at changing the forms at all. They’re adequate. It’s just the information that needs to be provided in there needs to be accurate, just like any other reporting form. That’s all we’re looking for — accuracy.”

To insure that the correct reporting interpretation adopted by Dr. Moser will not disappear in future administrations, 64 House representatives are supporting HB 2035, the Abortion Reporting Accuracy & Parental Rights Act.

The bill will require accurate medical information be filed with KDHE, including an affidavit  from the abortionist and referring physician that they are not financially or legally affiliated.  HB 2035 will also allow local prosecutors access to those KDHE reports.

Kansans for Life testified in support of the bill,which also would

  • enact parental consent, instead of notice, for girls under 18 seeking abortions;
  • create a court record and give direction to judges involved in parental waivers;
  • change the Kansas partial birth abortion limitation to a ban on the procedure unless needed to save the life of the mother.

Rep. Steve Brunk (R-Bel Aire), chairs the Federal State Affairs committee, which held the hearing for the bill today.   Brunk successfully won passage of Alexa’s Law in 2007, which enlarged the definition of a victim of violent crime to include an unborn child at any stage of gestation from fertilization to birth.

Consistent with Alexa’s Law, the language of HB 2035 uses “unborn child” instead of “fetus” and includes a required sentence in the informed consent materials that would counterbalance the misinformation that the mother is carrying “a blob of tissue.”

The required sentence states that “abortion will terminate a separate, whole, unique, living human being.” This sentence is part of informed consent abortion materials in 3 states and was upheld in 2008 in the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals when challenged by Planned Parenthood.  The Court said the sentence is medically accurate, “truthful, non-misleading, and relevant to the patient’s decision to have an abortion.”

We urge you to encourage Dr. Moser and the members of the House Federal State Affairs committee at https://www.kslegislature.org/li

LifeNews.com Note: Kathy Ostrowski is the legislative director for Kansans for Life, a statewide pro-life group.