Walk for Life West Coast Has 50,000 Pro-Life People Oppose Abortion

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 24, 2011   |   12:05PM   |   San Francisco, CA

More than 50,00 pro-life people — the largest crowd ever — participated in the Walk for Life West Coast on Saturday to solemnly mark 38 years of unlimited abortions under Roe v.Wade.

The event has quickly become the major companion to the March for Life in Washington, D.C., for Americans who live in the western United States and have a smaller travel time to San Francisco than they do to the nation’s capital. Held in one of the most pro-abortion cities in the largest and one of the most pro-abortion states, the Walk for Life West Coast is an opportunity to bring the pro-life message to those who need to hear it the most.

Lisa Hamrick, a representative of the event, told LifeNews.com:  “Thanks to all of you who came from far and near to participate yesterday in the Walk for Life West Coast. The San Francisco Police Department confirmed that it was the largest crowd that we have had up to this point — an estimate of 50,000-plus people participated this year.”

The pro-life advocates lined the Justin Herman Plaza in downtown San Francisco before embarking on the 2.5-mile walk along the waterfront during the seventh annual event. The line of walkers stretched a mile long in sight of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Walk for Life co-chair Dolores Meehan told the crowd, “We are here to break the bondage of the culture of death.”

Abby Johnson, the former director of a Texas-based Planned Parenthood abortion business who recently became pro-life after she witnessed an ultrasound-guided abortion, told the youth and young adults in the crowd they are the next generation of pro-life leaders and activists.

“You are the new generation of the pro-life movement and I can tell you Planned Parenthood is shaking in their boots,” said Johnson.

Cody Stowe, a junior at the University of New Mexico, was one of the younger marchers.

“What drew me to the walk is the opportunity to be a voice for the unborn, and to spend time in community, praying for those who are killed, but also for the mothers, fathers, and families of the babies,” he told CalCatholic.

Lucy Bruckner, a John Paul University student, added, “I’m originally from Nebraska, and we don’t have marches like this. I came last year and it was my first chance to experience such an enormous gathering of Christians and Catholics and pro-life people. Sometimes we feel alone in this world. Last year was the first time I saw that I was not alone, that many people believe in the same things I do, and are fighting for same things. After I came last year, I was compelled to come this year.”

Diana Urbina, another student, according to CalCatholic, chimed in as well on her participation:  “I went to the March on the East Coast when I was at Belmont Abbey College. I saw hundreds of thousands of people advocating for life. When I heard San Francisco had a march I wanted to attend. What is so amazing is the youth and families. It gives hope for the future to see so many people with a true love for human dignity.” [related]

The walkers brought signs that conveyed the pro-life message by sharing that “Abortion Hurts Women,” “Women Deserve Better than Abortion,” and numerous marchers carried signs about regrets following abortion.

“Everybody suffers in the wake of abortion,” the Rev. Brian Walker of the Pro-Life Action Ministries, told the crowd.

A very small group of pro-abortion activists counterprotested and their ranks included anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, who told the San Francisco Chroncile she participated because, “It does seem that the tide is turning against a women’s right to choose.”