“Sla, Sla” – When Babies Get Babies Better Than Grown-Ups

Opinion   |   Kristan Hawkins   |   Jan 21, 2011   |   1:03AM   |   Washington, DC

Like most Americans, I read in horror about the arrest of the Philadelphia butcher, I mean abortionist, Kermit Gosnell. 
I was shocked to hear how Gosnell had been operating, a dangerous abortion facility for years,  harming and infecting women by using dirty equipment. (Something that was supposedly  stopped by legalizing abortion. Remember, those arguments?)

I was disgusted as I saw pictures of the 3rd trimester babies that Gosnell had birthed and killed by shoving scissors in the back of their necks.

It doesn’t matter how long a person is in the pro-life movement, those images remain jarring. They were fully formed, perfect little babies who were outright murdered for profit.

Many of you know that I’ve been swamped preparing for the 2011 Students for Life National Conference and the first-ever National Pro-Life Youth Rally. Yet, those images stopped me dead in my tracks. I posted one of the pictures on my Facebook account and dared someone to debate me that the pictures weren’t of human babies. (I’m still waiting for someone brave enough, hint RH Reality Blog….)

Plain and simple: Gosnell is a butcher of not only babies but also women.

Repeating what we often say in the pro-life movement, Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams said of Gosnell’s practice: “The real business of the ‘Women’s Medical Society’ was not health, it was profit.” And this was even quoted in the New York Times!

But what brought me to tears today was what my husband posted on my Facebook profile, shortly after I posted the picture of one of Gosnell’s 32 week victims on my Facebook “Wall”.

He wrote, “Gunner (my 2 year-old son) saw me looking at this picture and he pointed to the screen and said “sla,sla”.

“Sla sla” is Gunner’s word for baby. That is how we refers to his 9 month-old baby brother, Bear.

If Gunner can see that, why can’t the rest of America? Why can’t President Obama? Why can’t Harry Reid? Or maybe they do…