Michigan Planned Parenthood Meets Opposition to Auburn Hills Abortion Ctr

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 14, 2011   |   1:45PM   |   Auburn Hills, MI

Michigan pro-life advocates are continuing their opposition to Planned Parenthood’s plans to put together a new abortion center in Auburn Hills.

Residents of the area and pro-life people from all over the Detroit Metro area will voice their opposition to the proposed Planned Parenthood abortion business at the recently-purchased location of 1625 N. Opdyke Road at a Saturday rally. at 1:00 p.m.

Citizens for a Pro-life Society and Right to Life LifeSpan are behind the protest and a planned rally at the Auburn Hills Christian Center afterwards.

“Our group has dedicated itself to doing all we can to stop this clinic from opening and is reviewing possible legal actions available towards this end,” CPLS director Monica Miller told LifeNews.com today. “In addition, we seek to arouse growing and continuous protest against the establishment of a place where innocent human lives are put to death.”

” Planned Parenthood deliberately sought out a location close to Pontiac and will take advantage of the economically depressed area. Should  the abortion center open, we will make sure that Planned Parenthood knows that it is not welcome in any community—and that they will always feel the presence of protest and opposition,” she added.

Miller said the pro-life groups are using tactics that have been successful in places like Austin, Texas and Portland, Oregon to delay new abortion centers in opening.

“We seek to alert contractors to the nature of Planned Parenthood’s business and hope that no company will step forward to build this place of death,” she told LifeNews.com.

Planned Parenthood of Mid-Michigan’s purchase of the 17,000 square-foot-gutted building on Opdyke Road in mid November 2010 instantly ignited opposition to the establishment of the abortion business.

On December 6, over 200 Auburn Hills residents, including students from Oakland University and Cooley Law School, crammed a standing-room-only Auburn Hills city council meeting. There, council members and executives from Planned Parenthood listened as dozens of concerned residents voiced their protest and urged city hall to do what it could to stop the clinic from opening.

Leaders of the opposition to the clinic are working with council members to explore means to prevent the clinic from offering abortions or at least make the practice of abortion more tightly regulated.  

A petition drive has already begun against the Planned Parenthood center and petitions will be available for signing at Saturday’s LifeSpan Rally. Miller hopes to gather over 5,000 signatures by the end of this month.

Miller says Auburn Hills residents and members of the business community, not necessarily opposed to abortion, are nonetheless concerned about the negative impact the presence of an abortion clinic will have on the community and local business.