No Reason to Oppose Bill to Get Abortion Out of Obamacare

Opinion   |   Luis Zaffirini   |   Jan 13, 2011   |   1:37PM   |   Washington, DC

In a 2009 article regarding abortion coverage in Obama’s health care legislation, Ken Blackwell used a Sherlock Homes reference about a deduction the famed detective had made in a case of a nighttime robbery.

Holmes reasoned that since the dogs had not barked, they must have known the robber. The same, Blackwell argued, was true for abortion coverage in ObamaCare: if it didn’t seem to bother the pro-aborts, you could be sure they were pleased.

Fast forward to today. The same types of groups who feigned upset at Obama’s meaningless 2010 executive order which was supposed to appease pro-lifers are now infuriated at the prospect that Obama’s empty promise be given the full force of law through actual pro-life legislation.

Consider Rep. Joe Pitts’s Protect Life Act which would revise the Obama’s health care law to prevent any pro-abortion subsidies or administrative regulations. If Obama’s executive order meant as much as pro-aborts pretend it does, then this law should not make a difference in Obama’s health care law.

Yet pro-aborts are all bent out of shape, complaining that the legislation is too restrictive and would affect a substantial number of health care plans. But pro-abortion bloggers are calling it all part of “The Coming War on Women,” stating that Republicans have taken advantage of Obama’s “willingness to compromise,” and that “there is no way to know what further compromises Republicans will be able to extort, should they decide to again take the American people hostage.”

Take also the bipartisan “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act” introduced by Congressmen Chris Smith and Daniel Lipinski. This law would permanently bar federal subsidies for abortion in all federal programs. Pro-abortion groups are making quite a fuss about this bill, calling it “Stupak on steroids.”

NARAL just debuted a YouTube video comprised almost entirely of footage of Speaker Boehner’s address to the 2010 National Right to Life Convention in Pittsburgh. The video implies that by opposing the pro-abortion provisions in the health care legislation, Boehner would somehow seek to take away prenatal care from women! Misleading and hollow accusations from some very upset people.

When ObamaCare was signed into law and there were assurances all around that there would be no coverage for abortions, the silence from pro-abortionists was deafening. Now with the proposed “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act,” so, too, is the barking.